Jay Boehmer

Christopherson Thinks It Has Solved The Hotel Attachment Problem   Posted July 27, 2015

Christopherson's system scans overnight airline reservations that do not include a hotel booking. It then auto-generates an email to travelers without a hotel booking with four courses of action: Let the traveler book a hotel immediately, let the traveler set a reminder to book a hotel at a specified date, let the traveler attach his or her hotel reservation if already booked outside the system or let the traveler confirm that he or she doesn't need a hotel reservation. Read More »

Posted July 28, 2015
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Jeff Klee

INTERVIEW: AmTrav CEO And Co-Founder Jeff Klee   Posted July 10, 2015

AmTrav prides itself on its booking tool, which may have only "80 percent" of the "the bells and whistles" of a Concur but is "nimble" and quick to bring in nonfare airline content, said Klee, who is CEO of the travel management company and of online travel agency CheapAir.com. Klee spoke with The Beat's Jay Boehmer about bringing in new types of content, why he's not sold on the International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability, why AmTrav now works with Concur and how he balances supplier relationships when running an OTA alongside a TMC. Read More »
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