Chris Davis

AdTrav: Former TMC Partner Isn't Bankrupt, They Just Don’t Want To Pay   Posted August 16, 2018

AdTrav this month filed a motion with a U.S. bankruptcy court to dismiss Duluth Travel's Chapter 11 case, alleging Duluth filed only to avoid paying AdTrav a court-ordered sum of nearly $900,000. Read More »

Posted August 6, 2018
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Jim Davidson

INTERVIEW: Farelogix CEO Jim Davidson   Posted July 5, 2018

A one-time GDS exec with Amadeus, Farelogix CEO Jim Davidson has been an occasional GDS provocateur, gadfly and agitator, especially when his business was premised on GDS-bypass. Now, he's working more and more with the GDSs and is bullish on the airline distribution complex putting old-fashioned protocols behind it and moving into a more modern era. He recently spoke with The Beat. Read More »
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