Jay Boehmer

AA Asks For Court’s Help As It Negotiates New Sabre Deal   Posted February 22, 2017

In December 2016, a jury found provisions in Sabre's 2011 global distribution system contract with US Airways violated federal antitrust law. Since then, American Airlines, which merged with the carrier after the lawsuit began, asked Sabre to exclude similar contractual provisions in a new GDS agreement, which would succeed the current deal that expires this year. So far, Sabre has "rebuffed" those requests. Read More »

Posted February 16, 2017
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Ed Adams

INTERVIEW: Direct Travel CEO Ed Adams   Posted February 13, 2017

In addition to death and taxes, it's near certain that Direct Travel will acquire more travel management companies. After flipping to a new private equity owner, the TMC last year purchased Atlanta-based Georgia International Travel, Cleveland-based Traveline Travel Services and Massachusetts-based Colpitts World Travel. Since embarking on its ongoing agency roll-up plan in 2011, Colorado-based Direct Travel has done enough deals for CEO Ed Adams to lose count: "Twenty-one or 22? It's probably 21," he said. "We've still having fun and plugging away." He caught up with The Beat editor-in-chief Jay Boehmer to discuss agency acquisitions, integration and growth. Read More »
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