Jay Boehmer

Sabre CEO: Lufthansa Situation Will Play Out As 'Proof Point' Of GDS Stability   Posted June 30, 2015

Asked today during a Nasdaq investor conference if he thinks Lufthansa Group's plan to surcharge global distribution system bookings foretells an industry trend, Sabre CEO Tom Klein said, "I don't." He then launched into his own analysis, likening Lufthansa's plans to an airline signaling a fare increase, touting the value global distribution systems provide, especially to corporate customers, and expressing confidence in a positive outcome for Sabre. Read More »
Mike Koetting

INTERVIEW: Concur EVP Mike Koetting   Posted May 19, 2015

It's been an eventful past year for Concur—that's for sure. Since SAP's acquisition of the travel and expense giant closed in December, some Concur executives have departed, CEO Steve Singh's role has expanded into the broader SAP organization and an extended system outage in February frustrated corporate and travel management company clients. Amid all that, Concur is leveraging its SAP ownership to continue to grow, grow, grow. Concur executive vice president of supplier and TMC services Mike Koetting saw his role grow as well when vice president of TMC services and former GDSX CEO Cindy Allen departed at the end of April. He sat down last week in Chicago with The Beat's Jay Boehmer to talk about his role, Concur's agency relationships, the TripLink open-booking initiative and system disruption. He also provided an update on agency mid-office software purchased in 2013 from TRX and GDSX. Read More »
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