Jay Boehmer

CTM On Acquisitions: 'They're Getting Bigger'   Posted August 22, 2017

Corporate Travel Management made its last U.S. acquisition more than a year ago when it picked up Boston-area travel management company Travizon. That was on the heels of its purchase of California-based Montrose Travel. While the Australian company is busy integrating those U.S. buys, CTM's appetite for acquisitions in North America and other markets is hardly sated, CTM managing director Jamie Pherous said this week. Read More »

Posted August 14, 2017
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Billy McDonough

INTERVIEW: FCM President For The Americas Billy McDonough   Posted August 17, 2017

The Beat caught up with FCM Travel Solutions president for the Americas Billy McDonough to discuss FCM's growth ambitions, acquisitions and technology. An edited transcript follows. Read More »
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