JoAnn DeLuna

Christopherson Deploys Virtual Card To Simplify Hotel Reconciliation    Posted April 22, 2014

Virtual card technology these days is making headlines around the payment sector, but Christopherson Business Travel has been using it for years. To help a client solve a unique challenge, the Salt Lake City-based travel management company developed the virtual HotelPrepaidLogic card, bringing automation to what had been a tedious, manual process. Read More »

Posted April 17, 2014
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Elaine Osgood

INTERVIEW: Atlas Travel President And CEO Elaine Osgood   Posted April 10, 2014

Atlas Travel this week announced it had opened a new London office to better serve U.K. and European clients as well as travelers from U.S. clients. It's the first major international foray on its own for Atlas, a BCD Travel affiliate since 1998. Read More »
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