David Jonas

United Expects Revenue-Management Tweaks To Start Showing Benefit    Posted April 24, 2014

United Airlines last year lagged the industry in revenue performance, something that continued into this year's first quarter. While American, Delta, JetBlue and Southwest for Q1 each reported growing year-over-year passenger yield and unit revenue, and higher absolute passenger revenue, United posted deteriorating numbers for each of those metrics. Read More »

Posted April 24, 2014
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Peter Klebanow

INTERVIEW: Ultramar President and CEO Peter Klebanow   Posted April 23, 2014

Ultramar president and CEO Peter Klebanow is planning to retire from the company at the end of this year. He spoke this week with The Beat's David Jonas about his career, lessons learned and the future of corporate travel management companies. Excerpts follow. Read More »
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