Jay Boehmer

Ryanair Leaves Amadeus And Sues Expedia, Asserting Direct-First Approach   Posted December 14, 2017

Ryanair has long maintained an aggressively direct-first distribution philosophy. It calls Ryanair.com the most heavily trafficked airline website in the world, as well as its preferred platform to keep distribution costs down, nurture direct relationships with customers and, not least, sell them an array of ancillary products for which the low-cost carrier is famous. Read More »
Adam Daniels

INTERVIEW: BA Chief Commercial Officer Adam Daniels And Head Of Distribution Ian Luck   Posted December 15, 2017

British Airways introduced a global distribution system surcharge on Nov. 1 but at the last minute signed "private channel" deals waiving the surcharge for travel agencies that committed to eventually take BA content through New Distribution Capability-standard connections. The Beat’s Amon Cohen talked to BA chief commercial officer Adam Daniels and head of distribution Ian Luck about the thinking behind private channel and how BA and the rest of the travel industry are evolving to a new distribution model. Read More »
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