Jay Boehmer

American Lures Agencies To Adopt NDC Connections With Content And Cash   Posted June 23, 2017

In front of an audience of travel agency partners, distributors and travel tech providers here today, American Airlines is announcing a program that seeks agency buy-in to its New Distribution Capability-based distribution strategy. The optional program entices agencies to adopt NDC-based distribution methods with the promise of financial incentives, new servicing functionality and enhanced fare and ancillary content. Read More »
John Snyder

INTERVIEW: BCD Travel CEO John Snyder   Posted April 6, 2017

Last year, BCD Travel commenced a plan to grow earnings by 35 percent over three years. As CEO John Snyder sees it, such growth is essential to reinvesting in the business. Achieving growth targets requires strong sales, high client retention and most likely more acquisitions. Snyder discussed the company's strategic direction, corporate travel distribution, mobile technology and BCD's growing role in hotel sales. Read More »
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