Jay Boehmer

HRG Mum On Commitment To U.S. Affiliate Program After Years-Long Partner Exodus   Posted January 19, 2018

Ten years ago, HRG launched a North American affiliate program with a handful of U.S.-based travel management companies and a goal to add as many as a dozen members. Since then, the program has lost virtually all its U.S. affiliates and, according to former stakeholders, has been withering on the vine for years. Read More »
Gabe Rizzi

INTERVIEW: Travel Leaders Corporate President Gabe Rizzi   Posted January 10, 2018

Nearly two years ago, multibrand travel agency operator Travel Leaders Group appointed Gabe Rizzi to lead the Travel Leaders Corporate division. Since then, he has welcomed several acquisitions into the fold. He recently spoke with The Beat editor-in-chief Jay Boehmer about acquisitions, multinational positioning, mobile strategy and Travel Leaders Corporate's approach to client technology. Read More »
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