Posted November 6, 2017

LETTER: AmTrav CEO Offers A Path Forward For Airline Distribution

AmTrav CEO Jeff Klee submitted the following letter in response to an article last week in which The Beat discussed recent developments and the evolution of airline distribution with Travelport CEO Gordon Wilson. Read More »
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Posted August 23, 2017

AmTrav Makes Branded Fare Push In Booking Tool Refresh

In early June, AmTrav Corporate Travel launched for select customers a revamped version of its homegrown booking system and has since rolled out the new a2b tool broadly to clients, providing a refreshed user interface and reconstructed back end. Read More »
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Posted June 2, 2016

Hold The Phone: TMCs Delve Into Text And Chat

It used to be that if business travelers wanted to reach a travel agent, their only option was a phone call. Now, corporate travel agencies of all sizes are supporting multiple modes of communications, including chat and SMS texting, to help travelers plan, book and manage trips. Read More »
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Posted March 30, 2016

GUEST: AmTrav's Fichtelberg On How Third-Party Tech Inhibits TMC Innovation

Craig Fichtelberg, co-founder and president of Chicago-area travel management company AmTrav, discusses how an over-reliance on third-party technology and tech integration is the enemy of true travel management company innovation. Read More »
Posted August 19, 2015

THE BEAT SHEET: Hotel Attachment; Semantic Search And OBTs; GDS Class Action; EMD Progress

The Beat Sheet is an occasional collection of notes, quotes, musings, tips, reader comments and other tidbits from The Beat's writers. Read More »
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Posted July 23, 2015

Tinkering With TMC Pricing, AmTrav Tries Freemium Hook

This week, AmTrav enabled new clients and prospects to use its booking tool and 24/7 agent support with "instant access," no contract and no cost, said AmTrav president Craig Fichtelberg. Read More »
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Posted July 10, 2015
Jeff Klee

INTERVIEW: AmTrav CEO And Co-Founder Jeff Klee

AmTrav prides itself on its booking tool, which may have only "80 percent" of the "the bells and whistles" of a Concur but is "nimble" and quick to bring in nonfare airline content, said Klee, who is CEO of the travel management company and of online travel agency Klee spoke with The Beat's Jay Boehmer about bringing in new types of content, why he's not sold on the International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability, why AmTrav now works with Concur and how he balances supplier relationships when running an OTA alongside a TMC. Read More »
Posted September 12, 2014

GUEST: AmTrav's Fichtelberg On TMC Pricing And Traveler Incentives

Craig Fichtelberg, co-founder and president of Chicago-area AmTrav, discusses the pitfalls of fee-based TMC pricing and the opportunities in switching to a subscription model. Read More »
Posted July 22, 2014

AmTrav Claims 'Paid Seats' Booking Advantage For Its OBT

AmTrav claims its corporate self-booking tool is the first to support sales of both Delta's and United's premium-economy seats. Read More »
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Posted September 17, 2013

GUEST: AmTrav's Craig Fichtelberg On Open Booking

Craig Fichtelberg, co-founder and president of Chicago-area AmTrav, weighs in on the current and future state of travel management companies and asks: Is open booking a panacea or a Band-Aid? Read More »
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