Posted June 15, 2017

Mega TMCs Tout Social Responsibility Cred With Ecovadis Ratings

Last August, BCD Travel announced it was the first travel management company to reach an Ecovadis gold rating, recognizing its corporate social responsibility credentials. This April, Carlson Wagonlit Travel announced its own Ecovadis rating went from silver to gold. American Express Global Business Travel, meanwhile, reached silver this year. Read More »
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Posted December 16, 2016

Try As They Might, TMCs Can't Block Sabre Incentive Disclosures At Trial

Last month, each of the four mega travel management companies filed non-party memos with the federal court hearing the US Airways-Sabre antitrust case. In those, American Express Global Business Travel, BCD Travel, Carlson Wagonlit Travel and HRG asked U.S. District Judge Lorna Schofield to redact in-court disclosures that would reveal per-segment incentives each received from Sabre. Read More »
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Posted November 1, 2016

Panel: TMC, Tech Execs Assess Bots, Messaging And AI In Corporate Travel

At The Beat Live in Chicago last month, Sabre Labs director Mark McSpadden led a discussion on artificial intelligence, bots and messaging technologies. Alongside him were Servo founder Nadav Gur, American Express Global Business Travel vice president Evan Konwiser, FCM Travel Solutions chief strategy officer John Morhous and Pana CEO Devon Tivona. Read More »
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Posted October 13, 2016

Amex GBT's Qualantone Addresses New Surcharge On Select Airline Bookings

Many of the airlines that now cost corporate clients $10 extra to book through American Express Global Business Travel would call themselves "low-cost carriers." Amex GBT does not agree. The travel management company deems airlines that don't adopt industry standards on fare filing, booking and settlement to be "high-cost," and it has embarked on a "comprehensive" global program to pass booking and processing costs to customers. Read More »
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Posted August 30, 2016
Evan Konwiser

INTERVIEW: Amex GBT's Evan Konwiser Talks KDS Deal

American Express Global Business Travel announced an agreement to purchase booking and expense provider KDS. Amex GBT vice president of the digital traveler Evan Konwiser discussed the deal with The Beat editor-in-chief Jay Boehmer. Read More »
Posted August 17, 2016

U.S. Corporate Travel Players Weigh Options For Complying With EU Data Protection Rules

Keeping compliant with the European Union's tough personal data privacy laws used to be straightforward. The EU exercises stricter data privacy laws than the United States. That's why it also has rules ensuring that transfers of data about its citizens across the Atlantic must comply with its more stringent standards. Meanwhile, many of the corporate travel industry's dominant service providers, and thus their primary data servers, are based in the United States. They import data about individuals—including names, employers, where the employees travel and credit card details—from Europe on a daily basis, and under a framework called Safe Harbor, U.S. companies could declare they transferred data in a compliant manner. Read More »
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Posted July 13, 2016

Amex GBT, BCD And CWT Start With Data Capture In Airbnb Partnerships

After dabbling in the managed travel space for some time now, Airbnb took a step toward legitimacy by inking agreements with American Express Global Business Travel, BCD Travel and Carlson Wagonlit Travel. Read More »
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Posted January 29, 2016

Cindy Allen To Depart American Express GBT

Cindy Allen will leave American Express Global Business Travel less than half a year after she took on the role of chief marketing officer. Read More »
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Posted November 19, 2015

Amex GBT Chairman Talks Investment, Competitive Position At Phocuswright

The question has been asked time and again since American Express Global Business Travel took a large cash injection and shifted to a joint-venture structure: Where does the investment go? Company executives have highlighted major buckets of spending, including broad technology plans, and chairman Greg O'Hara addressed the question at The Beat Live conference last month. At the Phocuswright conference in Hollywood, Fla., this week, O'Hara called out plans to ramp up acquisitions and improve fundamental technology during an on-stage interview with Phocuswright managing director Tony D'Astolfo. Read More »
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Posted October 12, 2015
Greg O'Hara

INTERVIEW: Certares Founder, American Express GBT Chairman Greg O'Hara

Arlington, Va.—Last year, a group led by Certares and its founder, Greg O'Hara, invested $900 million in American Express Global Business Travel, establishing a 50-50 joint venture with American Express. Now, the longtime industry power broker is chairman of American Express Global Business Travel; sits on the board of Travel Leaders, in which Certares also has invested; and is looking far and wide for more places in travel and related sectors to inject capital. Previously chief investment officer of JPMorgan Chase's Special Investments Group and managing director of JPMorgan private equity arm, One Equity Partners, he has held executive roles at Worldspan and Sabre and has sat on the boards of Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Travelport, Worldspan and others. O'Hara sat down with The Beat Editor-in-Chief Jay Boehmer at The Beat Live conference here last week for an on-stage interview. An edited transcript follows. Read More »
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