Posted October 18, 2018 - Atlanta

Roundtable: Buyers Talk Partnerships, Booking, TMCs And Startups

At The Beat Live this month, EAB VP of business solutions Steven Mandelbaum sat down with his fellow corporate travel buyers for the annual Buyers' Table session. Anthem's Cindy Heston, FINRA's Carol McDowell, Evercore's Jason Ring and KBB Partners' Mira Rosenzweig joined for a lively discussion on travel management company relationships, exploring new booking technologies and testing the waters with startups. Read More »
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Posted October 16, 2018 - Atlanta

GUEST: Travelport CEO On Airline Control And Commercial Models In An NDC World

Travelport president and CEO Gordon Wilson kicked off The Beat Live event this month and addressed airline control and commercial models in the context of the International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability standard-making endeavor. Read More »
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Posted October 12, 2018 - Atlanta
John Snyder

INTERVIEW: BCD Travel CEO John Snyder

At The Beat Live last week, BCD Travel president and CEO John Snyder took the stage to field questions from The Beat editor-in-chief Jay Boehmer and attendees during The Hot Seat session. Read More »
Posted October 10, 2018 - Atlanta
Greg O'Hara

INTERVIEW: Certares Founder And Amex GBT Chairman Greg O'Hara (With Special Guest Tom Klein)

Certares founder and American Express Global Business Travel chairman Greg O'Hara sat down with The Beat editor-in-chief Jay Boehmer at The Beat Live to talk about Amex GBT's HRG acquisition and Certares' investment approach and to share other observations on the business. Read More »
Posted October 5, 2018 - Atlanta

The Beat Announces 2018 Readers' Choice Winners

Readers of The Beat chose Delta Air Lines as the Most Admired Airline, as well as Supplier of the Year, two honors the carrier has been awarded for seven consecutive years. For the second year in a row, BCD Travel was named Most Admired Travel Management Company. The Beat presented its annual Readers' Choice awards here at the 11th annual The Beat Live. Read More »
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Posted January 24, 2012 - Atlanta

Air Canada, Travelport Prep New Canadian Point-Of-Sale Tool

Air Canada and Travelport in April plan to premiere their new Agencia point-of-sale tool for Canadian travel agents. As sequels often go, Agencia II's producers promise bigger and better special effects and a few familiar plot lines.

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Posted January 23, 2012 - Atlanta

Travelport Plans Mass Migration This Year To Fee-For-Tech

Travelport is marching toward what chief commercial officer Kurt Ekert called an Read More »
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Posted May 25, 2006 - Atlanta

INTERVIEW: Travel Tech CEOs At Cornerstone Event

Cornerstone Information Systems last week took the unorthodox step of hosting the CEOs of its two primary competitors for a discussion at its user conference about developments in travel technology. Addressing an audience of travel management company and corporate travel professionals, The Beat founder Jay Campbell interviewed TRX president and CEO Trip Davis, GDSX CEO Jon Farrier and Cornerstone president Mat Orrego. An excerpt of the discussion follows.

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Posted May 9, 2006 - Atlanta

Cendant Joins Air Canada Backlash

Cendant Travel Distribution Services on May 11 will begin removing certain Air Canada fares and inventory from the Galileo/Apollo global distribution systems, following the carrier's move last week to pull some of its lowest fares from all distribution outlets except its own consumer Web site.

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Posted May 8, 2006 - Atlanta

Delta, United Express Opt-In Doubt

Sales executives from Delta Air Lines and United Airlines today said their companies had no plans to pursue "opt-in" models in which global distribution system subscribers surrender a portion of their incentive payment in exchange for full-content access. In announcements related to American, Continental and United airlines, Worldspan recently signaled plans to implement "optional programs" for travel agency users, but a company executive declined to elaborate during a panel here at the Associat Read More »
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