Posted June 14, 2017

Upside Isn't For Managed Corporate Travel, Until It Is

Priceline founder Jay Walker's travel startup Upside serves the unmanaged travel segment. The company sells travel packages and positions a rewards scheme directly to end users. It is intended for neither the enterprise nor the managed travel segment—not yet. Read More »
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Posted March 23, 2017

Europe Warns Of Shady Airline Compensation Claims Processors

Airline passengers impacted by some canceled flights and long delays or involuntary bumping in Europe are entitled to receive as much as €600 from culpable airlines under European Union law. Finalized in 2004 and taking effect the following year, EC Regulation 261 established "common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of flights." Around this passenger protection, an industry of claims chasers has proliferated. Some of them, the European Commission noted this month, are shady. Read More »
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Posted June 10, 2016

BCD Works On In-Trip Mobile Merchandizing

BCD Travel plans to roll out a merchandizing platform this year to support sales of in-trip services to travelers on their mobile devices, executive vice president of global supplier relations and strategic sourcing Rose Collazo Stratford said during a Travelport customer conference in Miami this week. BCD's mobile system is powered by Travelport-owned Mobile Travel Technologies. Read More »
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Posted February 11, 2016

As U.S. And EU Negotiate New Data Protection Pact, Compliance Questions Linger

German travel managers’ association VDR is advising members to ensure that personal data sent to the United States by travel service providers is covered by European Union standard contractual clauses or binding corporate rules. The advice comes as EU and U.S. negotiators continue to thrash out a new agreement on data protection. Last week, the two sides announced they are creating a framework dubbed Privacy Shield to replace the less stringent Safe Harbor protections the European Court of Justice invalidated in October. Read More »
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Posted June 23, 2015

BCD: Lufthansa Fee Would Add €28 Million In Client Costs

The €16 surcharge Lufthansa Group airlines plan to drop on the market in September is a de facto fare hike. The increase would hit BCD Travel clients to the tune of €28 million annually, provided booking levels stay intact and the fee applies to all group carrier bookings. Read More »
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Posted April 10, 2014
Elaine Osgood

INTERVIEW: Atlas Travel President And CEO Elaine Osgood

Atlas Travel this week announced it had opened a new London office to better serve U.K. and European clients as well as travelers from U.S. clients. It's the first major international foray on its own for Atlas, a BCD Travel affiliate since 1998. Read More »
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Posted June 18, 2013

BCD Plans To Keep Most TBiz Employees, Open New Call Center

More than 90 percent of the 250 Travelocity Business employees are expected to stay on as the company folds into BCD Travel as a separate division. BCD is planning to open within six months a contact center near San Antonio to house TBiz counselors currently working in a Travelocity facility. Read More »
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Posted April 26, 2011

GDS Will Backup GDS At BCD

Whether or not leveraging better rates from global distribution system firms is an explicit goal of the American Airlines direct connect program, it's at least a side benefit. But how far will the airline go? Would it fully move out of a global distr Read More »
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