Posted December 16, 2016

Try As They Might, TMCs Can't Block Sabre Incentive Disclosures At Trial

Last month, each of the four mega travel management companies filed non-party memos with the federal court hearing the US Airways-Sabre antitrust case. In those, American Express Global Business Travel, BCD Travel, Carlson Wagonlit Travel and HRG asked U.S. District Judge Lorna Schofield to redact in-court disclosures that would reveal per-segment incentives each received from Sabre. Read More »
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Posted November 17, 2016

New DOT Airline Biasing Rule Extends To Corporate Channels, To An Extent

A U.S. Department of Transportation regulation taking effect Dec. 5 prohibits undisclosed biasing against airlines in online shopping displays. Against the wishes of some travel management companies, DOT extended the final rule to corporate travel channels. Read More »
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Posted November 8, 2016
John Fentener van Vlissingen

INTERVIEW: BCD Group Founder John Fentener Van Vlissingen

BCD Group founder John Fentener van Vlissingen discussed his approach to acquisitions, his outlook for BCD Travel and agency consolidation during an on-stage interview at The Beat Live. Read More »
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Posted October 19, 2016

The Beat Readers' Choice Awards: Delta Tops Airlines, CWT Leads TMCs

Readers of The Beat chose Delta Air Lines as the Most Admired Airline as well as Supplier of the Year, two honors the carrier has been awarded for five consecutive years. Read More »
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Posted October 12, 2016
Louise Miller

INTERVIEW: BCD Travel EVP Louise Miller

As executive vice president of global business solutions, Louise Miller leads global sales and marketing for mega travel management company BCD Travel. That role brings plenty of interactions with travel-buying organizations, especially large multinationals, that are looking to extend, expand or replace their corporate travel agency. Miller caught up with The Beat's Jay Boehmer to discuss bid activity, how M&A among the TMC client pool is prompting clients to review their TMC providers and other trends. Read More »
Posted September 27, 2016

BCD Travel Picks Up Majority Stake In China Joint Venture

BCD Travel signed a deal to increase its stake in its travel management joint venture in China and Hong Kong to a majority holding. The mega travel management company will have a "controlling interest in a new Greater China market, one of the world’s fastest growing economic regions," the company is announcing today. Read More »
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Posted August 17, 2016

U.S. Corporate Travel Players Weigh Options For Complying With EU Data Protection Rules

Keeping compliant with the European Union's tough personal data privacy laws used to be straightforward. The EU exercises stricter data privacy laws than the United States. That's why it also has rules ensuring that transfers of data about its citizens across the Atlantic must comply with its more stringent standards. Meanwhile, many of the corporate travel industry's dominant service providers, and thus their primary data servers, are based in the United States. They import data about individuals—including names, employers, where the employees travel and credit card details—from Europe on a daily basis, and under a framework called Safe Harbor, U.S. companies could declare they transferred data in a compliant manner. Read More »
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Posted July 13, 2016

Amex GBT, BCD And CWT Start With Data Capture In Airbnb Partnerships

After dabbling in the managed travel space for some time now, Airbnb took a step toward legitimacy by inking agreements with American Express Global Business Travel, BCD Travel and Carlson Wagonlit Travel. Read More »
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Posted June 2, 2016

Hold The Phone: TMCs Delve Into Text And Chat

It used to be that if business travelers wanted to reach a travel agent, their only option was a phone call. Now, corporate travel agencies of all sizes are supporting multiple modes of communications, including chat and SMS texting, to help travelers plan, book and manage trips. Read More »
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Posted May 5, 2016

As With BCD, Travelport's MTT Powers Amex GBT's New Mobile App

Travelport's Mobile Travel Technologies division—which develops mobile applications for airlines, hotels and travel agencies—is behind American Express Global Business Travel's new mobile application, Travelport CEO Gordon Wilson said Thursday. Read More »
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