Posted June 14, 2017

Upside Isn't For Managed Corporate Travel, Until It Is

Priceline founder Jay Walker's travel startup Upside serves the unmanaged travel segment. The company sells travel packages and positions a rewards scheme directly to end users. It is intended for neither the enterprise nor the managed travel segment—not yet. Read More »
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Posted September 16, 2014

THE BEAT SHEET: Sabre Defends The Middle; TMC Execs Give DOT An Earful; Chrome River Grabs At Least One Former IBM Expense Customer

The Beat Sheet is an occasional collection of notes, quotes, musings, tips, reader comments and other tidbits from The Beat's writers. Read More »
Posted by: David Jonas | More by David Jonas
Posted January 29, 2009 - Danbury, Conn.

Some Frequent Flyers To Be Stung By Secure Flight

Now that the Transportation Security Administration has told the industry to prepare for implementation of the Secure Flight passenger pre-screening program, an obstacle affecting the airlines' best customers is beginning to surface. Read More »
Posted by: David Jonas | More by David Jonas
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