Posted March 17, 2009 - New York City

USTA Projects Further Volume Drop

Business trips by Americans will fall 5.6 percent in 2009, according to a new forecast from the U.S. Travel Association. The group on Monday revised downward its October projection of a 3.5 percent reduction for this year. Read More »
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Posted February 12, 2009
Posted January 22, 2009

Senate Expected To Approve DOT Secretary-designate LaHood

Former Illinois congressman Ray LaHood, President Barack Obama's Department of Transportation Secretary-designate, yesterday faced the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation. Published reports suggested the nomination hearing was closer to a lovefest than a grilling. The New York Times wrote that LaHood "was effectively approved by acclamation." Click here to read a few of the prepared statements and watch a video of the committee hearing. The full Senate is expected to soon make Read More »
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Posted January 20, 2009 - Danbury, Conn.

Travel Associations Counsel Obama

The nations 44th president needs to focus on some pretty heavy issues after today's inauguration, but industry representatives hope the Obama administration has time to focus on travel, tourism and transportation sooner than later. An alphabet soup o Read More »
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Posted November 5, 2008

Financial Markets React To Historic Election Of Obama

With the economy as a clear priority of the new administration, the world markets reacted to the election of Barack Obama, with investors voting with their wallets.

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Posted October 31, 2008

BTC Supports Obama

Business Travel Coalition has been asked by media outlets which of the Presidential candidates would likely form an administration of most benefit to the travel industry. BTC’s views, after having followed and collaborated with both campaigns over the past year--and having worked closely with Senator McCain’s staff since 1997--follow.

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Posted October 14, 2008

Straight Talk: The Employee Free Choice Act

In the final weeks before the presidential election, a not-so-new issue that could dramatically change unionization laws after January is emerging. The Employee Free Choice Act has been in the background, but on the minds of some in those in the travel industry, as representing one of Barack Obama's and John McCain's major differences.

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Posted September 29, 2008

The Beat Letters: Heat From Both Sides On Election Coverage

Nothing has fired up our readers more than politics, and the heat came from all sides. Two readers even left the kitchen, but we'll keep cooking. Here are two responses ...

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Posted September 26, 2008
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Posted September 26, 2008

McCain, Obama And Business Travel Issues

At this week's inaugural edition of The Beat Live in Cleveland, attendees got a healthy (or, at least, large) dose of politics as The Beat's Jay Campbell presented results of The Beat's Election '08 Reader Poll and consultant Tom Wilkinson took the audience through a rundown of the two presidential candidates' positions on issues related to business travel. Linked below, the presentations built upon The Beat's recent three-part series on McCain, Obama And The Issues.

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