Posted December 8, 2016
Ian Luck

INTERVIEW: British Airways Distribution Strategy Manager Ian Luck

British Airways has provided a steady flow of distribution-related announcements in recent weeks, including the ability to offer negotiated corporate fares via New Distribution Capability messaging and signing up to Concur TripLink. Ian Luck has led distribution strategy at BA for the past 18 months, so The Beat contributing editor Amon Cohen caught up with him to understand better where the airline is heading with its distribution to corporate clients. Read More »
Posted May 12, 2016

NDC Gains Operational Steam With Buy-In From BA, Emirates And Others

After years of theorizing, arguing, piloting and "will-it-or-won’t-it-happen?" speculation, the International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability is gaining some ground as an operational reality. This month, IATA reported that 15 airlines have deployed at least part of the industry standard it published in September 2015. IATA also claimed that 20 of the world's top 25 airline groups have deployed or plan to deploy NDC. The progress prompted program director Yanik Hoyles to declare, "NDC is now mainstream." Read More »
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Posted December 20, 2013

THE BEAT SHEET: Airline-GDS Terminations; Inflight Phone Calls; DOT Rulemaking Update

The Beat Sheet is an occasional collection of notes, quotes, musings, tips, reader comments and other tidbits from The Beat's writers. -- The U.S. Department of Transportation will not release the Enh... Read More »
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Posted December 6, 2013

BA Threatens Fees, Content Withdrawal As Travelport Deal Nears End

Dueling client memos are a fixture of late-stage negotiations between airlines and global distribution systems. On Friday, British Airways and Travelport kept the tradition alive ahead of the scheduled Dec. 10 expiration of their full-content distribution agreement. Read More »
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Posted November 4, 2013 - Dublin

OpenSkies: Third-Party Distribution Made Us A 'Cube In A Triangular Hole'

Airlines often bemoan that third-party distributors aren't equipped to fully showcase their products. For British Airways subsidiary OpenSkies, that challenge factored into its decision last year to change its all-business-class configuration and underlying business model. Read More »
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Posted January 6, 2012

With iPads, BA Brings Vast Customer Data To Flight Crew

Before British Airways armed some cabin crew with iPads, inflight staff knew few details about passengers. A seat number, for sure. A name, perhaps. Kosher meal or vegetarian, possibly. Now, as it expands an inflight iPad trial announced in August, BA is putting loads of customer data. Read More »
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Posted August 16, 2011

INTERVIEW: BA's Simon Talling-Smith

BA executive vice president for the Americas Simon Talling-Smith talks with The Beat's Jay Boehmer Read More »
Posted June 23, 2011

Travelport Appoints Former BA Exec To New Post

Travelport named former British Airways executive Ian Heywood head of strategic planning for global supplier services, a new position. Tasked with coordinating Travelport's four regional supplier relations leaders, Heywood is responsible for "execution of the company's global vision and strategy for its air, rail and cruise supplier customers." Read More »
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Posted April 15, 2011
Mark Webb


British Airways senior vice president of sales and marketing for North America Mark Webb discusses joint AA-BA-Iberia corporate and agency contracts. Read More »
Posted March 16, 2011
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