Posted January 25, 2018
Pat Pacious

INTERVIEW: Choice Hotels CEO Pat Pacious

Hotel central reservations systems, or global reservations systems, are having a moment. Major hotel companies are doing away with their legacy infrastructure and adopting cloud-based systems in order to improve capabilities around data, machine learning and distribution. But while the impending CRS launches are typically being developed by third parties, Choice Hotels has gone a different route and fully deployed its own system built in-house, ChoiceEdge. The Beat contributor Julie Sickel spoke this week with Choice president and CEO Pat Pacious. Read More »
Posted June 9, 2011

Distribution Basics: Case In Point - American Airlines

Travel technology is anything but simple. These days, I spend the better part of my week talking to the investment community about travel technology and trying to help them make sense of the current distribution debate, which is mostly about money, but at least in part is about the technology infrastructure of this industry.

So today, since the AA/Sabre dispute is at the top of the list of things that the investment community wants to talk about, I decided to use American as my case in point abo Read More »

Posted November 9, 2010

HP Brands Air Res System, Targets 'End-To-End' Travel Platform

Hewlett-Packard today said its "next-generation" travel technology platform will include, newly branded air reservations system Agilaire, parts of which will be applied to American Airlines' fledgling Jetstream res system. Read More »
Posted by: David Jonas | More by David Jonas
Posted July 2, 2010

Rewind: Sept. '09 Interview With ITA Software's Jeremy Wertheimer At The Beat Live

In light of Thursday's news, we thought readers might benefit from reading an interview with ITA Software co-founder Jeremy Wertheimer that took place in September 2009 at The Beat Live and was published that month in The Beat. The interview occurred a few weeks after Air Canada said it suspended work on a new reservations system constructed by ITA. Wertheimer took questions from Jay Campbell and audience members. He discussed the Air Canada development as well as other topics related to airline Read More »
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Posted February 2, 2010 - Danbury, Conn.

JetBlue, Sabre Enhancing Corp. Portal After Res Switch

With a reservations system switchover largely behind it, jetBlue Airways and system vendor Sabre are planning this year to upgrade the carrier's CompanyBlue corporate booking portal.

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Posted January 28, 2010 - New York City

JetBlue Plans For Disruptions But Expects Successful Res Switch

JetBlue is planning to shut down most functionality on its consumer and corporate online booking sites, as well as in global distribution systems, beginning Friday at 12 p.m. EST for at least 24 hours as it converts from the Navitaire reservation system to Sabre's. Despite the likely revenue hit--which jetBlue officials were reluctant to estimate--executives expressed confidence in their contingency planning as they spoke today with analysts about the company's fourth-quarter performance.

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Posted January 22, 2010

UAL's Tilton Talks Value For Corporate Accounts And Inaction On Amadeus Transition

UAL Corp. chairman and CEO Glenn Tilton spoke at the airline industry's Wings Club in New York Thursday, and focused his prepared comments on familiar topics: taxes are excessive, infrastructure is inadequate, regulation is outdated and industry behavior is dysfunctional. He talked about possible industry consolidation, but was reluctant to answer analysts' and reporters' questions about the JAL saga beyond saying he hopes it Read More »
Posted by: Jay Campbell | More by Jay Campbell
Posted March 26, 2009

Sita-Oracle, GDSs And CRSs

Regarding Oracle helping Sita remake its res system, today I must be in total senility! Why on Earth do we need what sounds to me like another global distribution system, except that Sita's airline members/owners will be able to adopt it for all traveler processing? Orbitz was an online agency put together by airlines in order to reduce their exposure to diversion of revenue and patronage to independent online agencies. I guess that airlines are no longer controlling Orbitz or influencing its o Read More »
Posted August 26, 2008

Hackers, Privacy Invasion And The Russian Mafia: Best Western Denies Security Compromise

Scotland's The Sunday Herald reported that hackers tapped into Best Western's central reservation system, accessing “private information including home addressees, telephone numbers, credit card details and place of employment” of “every single customer who has booked into one of Best Western’s 1,312 continental hotels since 2007.”

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