Posted January 11, 2019

Cornerstone Acquires Travel Auditing And Benchmarking Firm Topaz

Cornerstone Information Systems has acquired Topaz International, a corporate travel auditing and benchmarking firm that works directly with travel buyers. Read More »
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Posted May 1, 2014

Cornerstone Targets Direct Corporate Clients With New Business Intelligence Platform

Rock Blanco created the iBank data reporting tool and in 2000 sold it to Cornerstone Information Systems. Cornerstone this week unveiled one of his latest toys, an iBank business intelligence and scoring platform. Read More »
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Posted October 11, 2013


The Beat received several comments from readers regarding technologies provided to travel management companies from Yapta and ExpertFlyer. Read More »
Posted April 2, 2013

Rock Blanco Rejoins Cornerstone

Cornerstone Information Systems last month hired Rock Blanco as vice president for product innovation and marketing. He'll help the firm with current solutions as well as new versions of key products slated for release this summer. Read More »
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Posted October 6, 2011

Amadeus To Resell Cornerstone QC, Reporting

Amadeus announced a partnership with Cornerstone Information Systems to distribute the latter's iQCX reservation management and iBank reporting technologies to travel agencies, travel management companies and corporate clients worldwide.

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Posted August 11, 2011

TECH: Cornerstone To Launch Ruesink-Powered Corporate Data Services

Cornerstone Information Systems soon will launch a suite of data analytics and scoring tools as part of its first direct product offering for the corporate travel marketplace. Read More »
Posted by: Jay Campbell | More by Jay Campbell
Posted April 15, 2011


Cornerstone Information Systems CEO Mat Orrego responds here to Monday's article about new travel agency technology provider Agency Technology Read More »
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