Posted August 12, 2016

Travelport Continues Long March To Smartpoint Adoption

For several years, Travelport has worked to move agency subscribers from the legacy cryptic desktop environment to its next-generation Smartpoint application. The process has had its share of hiccups, but a couple corporate travel management companies are vouching for the cutover after making the shift in the past year. Others have been slower to adopt. Read More »
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Posted March 9, 2016

Executive Travel Plans Bespoke, Branded Mobile Apps For Each Client

In November, Nebraska-based travel management company Executive Travel placed its first mobile application, Executive Travel On The Go, in Apple and Google app stores. Going forward, however, each of the TMC's corporate clients may come to know it as something different: The agency's mobile strategy lets each client customize the branding and features of the app. Read More »
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Posted December 15, 2011

FEATURE: No TMC Fee? It's So 1994

Industry veterans recall the turmoil caused by the airline commission cuts that began in 1995, including the proliferation of transaction fees paid by corporate clients to travel management companies. Nine in 10 TMCs these days charge transaction fees, according to American Society of Travel Agents research. Client fees also are seen by some TMCs as a lever to pull in the event of further reductions in supplier income--perhaps from the GDSs, as the recently announced Travelport plan indicates. S Read More »
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