Posted January 27, 2017

Court Exhibits From Sabre Flesh Out Airline Conspiracy Claims

In 2013, Sabre filed heavily redacted counterclaims against US Airways alleging the airline colluded with competing carriers on dealings with global distribution systems. The claims never proceeded as part of their years-long antitrust lawsuit, which landed a verdict in the airline's favor last month. Read More »
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Posted April 14, 2016

Farelogix And Routehappy Team Up On Merchandizing

Farelogix and Routehappy are integrating their merchandizing systems, FLX Merchandise and Routehappy Hub, for joint airline customers. Executives called the platforms "complementary," as Routehappy's system enables product-content management while Farelogix lets airlines manage and deliver offers. Read More »
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Posted March 15, 2016

Lufthansa Seeks Court Intervention After Sabre Alleges Contract Breach

On March 1, Sabre warned Lufthansa Group in a written notice that the application of the airline group's Distribution Cost Charge is in breach of their global distribution system agreement. Last week, Lufthansa Group filed a petition asking a court in Tarrant County, Texas, to affirm its contractual rights and declare the group's airlines comply with obligations to Sabre. Read More »
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Posted December 9, 2015

Lufthansa Expects Corporate Direct Connections Early Next Year

Lufthansa German Airlines is connecting its Farelogix-powered direct connect with corporate clients and expects to announce a couple of implementations "at the beginning of 2016," chief commercial officer Jens Bischof said this week at The BTN Group's Business Travel Trends & Forecasts conference in New York. Read More »
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Posted March 3, 2015

As Farelogix Moves On From Direct Connect, SPRK's Fire Dims

As Farelogix sheds its skin as a GDS agitator, content aggregator and direct-connect innovator to become a provider of airline merchandizing engines, pricing engines and application programming interfaces, the company has found diminishing returns from its SPRK agency desktop, once a core feature, if not a major moneymaker, within its business. Read More »
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Posted September 8, 2014

Farelogix Repositioning Tech To Facilitate Airline-GDS Connections

Embedded within the direct-connect drama from a few years back as certain airlines attempted to bypass global distribution systems, Farelogix now wants to help some of those same airlines provide richer content to the GDS channel. Read More »
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Posted November 21, 2013

Tony D'Astolfo Plays Word Association Game With Delta, Farelogix And Travelport

Concluding a panel discussion Thursday at the PhoCusWright Conference in Hollywood, Fla., PhoCusWright managing director Tony D'Astolfo engaged in a little word association game with Delta Air Lines vice president of marketing and digital commerce Bob Kupbens, Farelogix president and CEO Jim Davidson and Travelport executive vice president and chief commercial officer Kurt Ekert. Read More »
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Posted June 4, 2013

IATA Gets NDC Pilots Rolling

The International Air Transport Association last month kicked off its first New Distribution Capability pilot test and now expects to launch one or two additional pilots by the end of the year, head of passenger business development Yanik Hoyles said Tuesday. Read More »
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Posted January 27, 2013

COMMENT on COMMENT: AA ‘Direct Connect’ Is A Walking Corpse

Jay, I found your recent commentary on AA’s Direct Connect initiative quite interesting. Frankly, I was hoping that it would have taken much longer before anyone found out that of the various Fa... Read More »
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Posted February 24, 2012

Buyers Demand Industry Change In 'Corporate Travel Manifesto'

It's not every day that a "manifesto" lands in my inbox. Product pitches, sure. Press releases, absolutely. But a manifesto? Those are angry tomes banged out on typewriters by malcontents in the woods. Read More »
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