Posted April 6, 2017
John Snyder

INTERVIEW: BCD Travel CEO John Snyder

Last year, BCD Travel commenced a plan to grow earnings by 35 percent over three years. As CEO John Snyder sees it, such growth is essential to reinvesting in the business. Achieving growth targets requires strong sales, high client retention and most likely more acquisitions. Snyder discussed the company's strategic direction, corporate travel distribution, mobile technology and BCD's growing role in hotel sales. Read More »
Posted November 18, 2016

HRS Adds OTA And GDS Content To Assure Best Price And Availability

In recent years, all three major global distribution systems, not to mention many leading travel management companies, have concluded they cannot offer customers enough hotels without piping in content from Germany's HRS. The self-styled "global hotel solutions" group's database offers rates directly from 300,000 properties, of which 180,000 are independents. Read More »
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Posted May 13, 2016

CheckMate Checks Out Of Free TMC Support, Losing Partners

After breaking into the corporate travel market last year through partnerships with more than a dozen travel management companies, CheckMate has shifted to an agency-pay model and lost the support of corporate agency partners. Read More »
Posted by: Jay Boehmer | More by Jay Boehmer
Posted September 8, 2015

Hotel Tech Provider Olset Strikes Agreements With Adelman, Amadeus

Olset has officially moved into the corporate travel sphere through partnerships with Adelman Travel and Amadeus, said Olset founder and CEO Gadi Bashvitz. Read More »
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Posted April 1, 2015

Mobile Hotel Check-In Platform CheckMate Expands TMC Reach Via Concur

CheckMate, which enables mobile hotel check-in and other interactions between hotels and travelers, is leveraging its relationship with investor and partner Concur to break into the corporate travel market. On Wednesday, CheckMate plans to announce relationships with several travel management companies, including Altour, Balboa Travel Management, BCD Travel, Corporate Travel Management and Gant Travel. Read More »
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Posted November 28, 2011

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Posted November 11, 2011

Room 77 Joins The Hotel Booking Fray

Travel website Room 77, to this point a tool largely used by travelers to ensure hotel rooms meet their criteria upon check-in, has added booking capabilities for its global database of about 750,000 hotel rooms. Read More »
Posted October 21, 2011

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Posted September 15, 2011

Does Reporting Hotelier Rate Projections Skew Negotiation Expectations?

A few travel industry professionals, including one buyer, recently have questioned why we publish hotel executives’ predictions on negotiated rate increases, which tend to be overly aggressive.

To be sure, what a hotel CEO projects when reporting second-quarter earnings is rarely what we see when negotiations wrap up at the end of the year. They can, however, provide a fairly accurate idea of what buyers should expect when they first sit down at the table.

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Posted August 8, 2011

Hotel Newspaper 'Fees' Should Rank Low On Buyer Concerns

An unwanted copy of USA Today has prompted a $100,000 lawsuit against Hilton Worldwide, but in terms of targeting what some see as runaway fees in travel bills, it's a bit of a misfire.

A Sacramento man, Rodney Harmon, recently filed a class action lawsuit against the hotel giant in response to the newspaper delivery policy at Hilton Garden Inn. The hotel does not charge 75 cents for guests’ daily USA Today per se. It's not something that will appear on a folio at the end of the stay. Guests wh Read More »

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