Posted May 18, 2018

BA Slaps Down Agency Card Payments

The International Air Transport Association amended Resolution 890 in November to allow agents to pay carriers with cards in agencies' own names "if permitted by the airline." Such permission is not coming from the largest European carriers. Read More »
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Posted October 20, 2017

Air France-KLM GDS Surcharge Looms

Air France and KLM are poised to introduce a surcharge on global distribution system bookings, according to airline and travel management company sources. Read More »
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Posted November 15, 2011

SkyTeam Carriers Pile On Card Surcharges In Europe

Air France/KLM announced it will impose a surcharge on credit card payments made by German travel agents from Jan. 20, 2012, and significantly increase its level of surcharging in the Netherlands. Read More »
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Posted June 18, 2010

A Quiet Hero, An AF447 Story

There is a story about AF447 that very few people know--too few people. This is a story about Tim Van Waard, who is based in The Netherlands and was the original owner of @KLM on Twitter.

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Posted July 2, 2009 - Danbury, Conn.

Delta/Northwest, Air France/KLM Combine U.S. Agency Programs

Delta Air Lines Wednesday began rolling out an expanded travel agency compensation program that includes subsidiary Northwest Airlines and partners Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Read More »
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