Posted February 21, 2018

After A Lull, CTM Still Eyeing M&A But Nothing Transformational

It's going on two years since Australia's Corporate Travel Management made an acquisition in the U.S. and more than a year since it bought an agency anywhere. That may not sound like a long time, but for CTM, which has acquired around a dozen travel agencies since publicly listing on the Australian Securities Exchange in late 2010, it feels like an eternity. Read More »
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Posted February 13, 2017
Ed Adams

INTERVIEW: Direct Travel CEO Ed Adams

In addition to death and taxes, it's near certain that Direct Travel will acquire more travel management companies. After flipping to a new private equity owner, the TMC last year purchased Atlanta-based Georgia International Travel, Cleveland-based Traveline Travel Services and Massachusetts-based Colpitts World Travel. Since embarking on its ongoing agency roll-up plan in 2011, Colorado-based Direct Travel has done enough deals for CEO Ed Adams to lose count: "Twenty-one or 22? It's probably 21," he said. "We've still having fun and plugging away." He caught up with The Beat editor-in-chief Jay Boehmer to discuss agency acquisitions, integration and growth. Read More »
Posted September 6, 2013

Analyst: 'Can We Please Stop With This JetBlue Merger Talk?

Now that the U.S. Department of Justice cast a pall of uncertainty on the proposed American Airlines-US Airways merger, speculation has turned to a JetBlue merger as a fallback plan for either carrier. Well, according to a well-reasoned and thorough research note published Friday by Wolfe Trahan airline analyst Hunter Keay, it's not going to happen. Read More »
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Posted March 5, 2012

AirTran To Adopt Southwest Sales, Distribution Models In Coming Years

Southwest Airlines in September took over corporate sales functions from AirTran, but it could take years for the company to fully incorporate both carriers into preferred corporate airline agreements, a Southwest official said last week. Read More »
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Posted April 3, 2011

Cracking Travel Agencies’ Acquisition Code

Acquisition is the fastest way to penetrate a market and minimize stress on employees and systems. It can also improve operational efficiency, repaying acquisition costs and achieving higher operating profits while enhancing profitability by eliminating the competition.

Successful acquisitions require identifying the right targets and integrating the two businesses. American Express has long used acquisition as the preferred method of sales growth. A well-executed acquisition is more cost effe Read More »

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