Posted June 5, 2012

Concur Awarded ETS2 Contract, CWT Seeks Answers

Seeking to "better understand the reasoning for the decision" by the U.S. General Services Administration to make Concur the "single awardee" for its $1.4 billion E-Gov Travel Service contract for online booking, expense management and related services, Carlson Wagonlit Travel in a statement indicated it had requested "a formal debriefing" from GSA. Read More »
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Posted June 5, 2012

TBiz President Yannis Karmis On Service As A Science

Travelocity Business president Yannis Karmis submitted his thoughts on blending technology and people to appropriately service business travelers. Read More »
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Posted June 1, 2012

GUEST: KesselRun's Wilkinson On Concur's 'Open Bookings' Approach

KesselRun Corporate Travel Solutions senior partner Tom Wilkinson praises Concur's strategic move to facilitate "open bookings" and discusses the next era of travel management. Read More »
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Posted May 31, 2012

TMC Response To Concur 'Open Bookings' Plan Tepid, Defensive

Travel management company executives are not enthused by Concur's exploration of enabling travelers to book negotiated rates on airline websites—apparently bypassing GDSs and TMCs while supposedly retaining policy enforcement and traveler tracking. Read More »
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Posted May 30, 2012

With 'Exponential' Growth, T&T Expands Scope Of Mobile App

Travel and Transport's mobile app is enjoying an average of more than 500 downloads a month, according to execs. In months with activity from large clients, the number of downloads can reach 5,000 or more. Pushed by one client that has 18,000 travelers, the travel management company next month is putting its app on Windows Mobile, which would join Android, BlackBerry and iOS as platforms on which the application runs natively. Read More »
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Posted May 18, 2012

Concur To Clients: Let Travelers Book Where They Want, We'll Track It

Concur is initiating discussions with airlines to enable "open bookings" that would give corporate clients the ability to enforce policy, apply discounts and track transactions when travelers book on airline websites. Read More »
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Posted May 16, 2012

KDS Helping Companies Embrace 'Maverick' Spending

Booking and expense tool provider KDS plans in the second half of 2012 to launch a tool for managing reservations by clients’ travelers, even if they book outside approved channels. Read More »
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Posted May 2, 2012

Ovation Leaves Radius For BCD Affiliates

Ovation Corporate Travel during the first quarter joined the BCD Affiliates network after several years as part of Radius. In doing so, Ovation retained business with a key multinational client that had been using the global network, investment firm BlackRock. Read More »
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Posted May 1, 2012

TripIt To Introduce Hotel Suggestions, Bookings

TripIt plans on Wednesday to launch a feature that suggests hotels to travelers after they book their flights and enables them to book rooms. Read More »
Posted April 6, 2012

Despite Setbacks, Amadeus One Endures

Amadeus One has had its ups and downs. A powerful concept that attracted plenty of interest, the "multi-GDS" agent platform has proven challenging to implement, with early adopters not quite where they wanted to be. Yet there are new boosters, and the original ones remain convinced of the product's promise. Read More »
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