Posted December 8, 2016
Ian Luck

INTERVIEW: British Airways Distribution Strategy Manager Ian Luck

British Airways has provided a steady flow of distribution-related announcements in recent weeks, including the ability to offer negotiated corporate fares via New Distribution Capability messaging and signing up to Concur TripLink. Ian Luck has led distribution strategy at BA for the past 18 months, so The Beat contributing editor Amon Cohen caught up with him to understand better where the airline is heading with its distribution to corporate clients. Read More »
Posted January 13, 2016

A4A: NDC, Marketplace Advances Nullify Need For DOT's Ancillary Fee Rule

For years, the federal government has contemplated mandating that airlines provide ancillary fee data in every sales channel in which they participate. Long opposed to the plan, Airlines for America made the case this month that the marketplace is advancing just fine without the U.S. Department of Transportation's interference. Read More »
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Posted January 12, 2016

Aggregator Travelfusion Eyes Growing Role Amid Distribution Evolution

If airline distribution is to mutate in the coming years, whether through the adoption of IATA's New Distribution Capability standards or global distribution system deterrents like Lufthansa Group’s booking fee, expect Travelfusion to play a supporting role. Read More »
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Posted October 29, 2015

Even Without Abacus Acquisition, Sabre Bookings Surged In Q3

Sabre reported a nearly 30 percent year-over-year rise in global distribution system bookings for the three months ending Sept. 30, though much of that stemmed from the July 1 completion of its Abacus acquisition. Stripping out its now wholly owned Asia/Pacific distribution business, Sabre Travel Network reported a 6.5 percent year-over-year rise in bookings worldwide, including a 6 percent increase in North America bookings. Read More »
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Posted September 10, 2015

Assessing Buyer View Of NDC, IATA Broadens Engagement

At the International Air Transport Association's behest, industry consultant Paul Tilstone spent a chunk of this year canvassing travel managers to get their take on the association's New Distribution Capability standard. His findings, in short: If they knew about NDC, they didn't have especially warm feelings. Yet, they see some opportunities. Read More »
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Posted September 1, 2015
Scott Gutz

INTERVIEW: Amadeus North America President and CEO Scott Gutz

Scott Gutz became president and CEO of Amadeus North America in April 2011 and has since overseen an expansive period for the Spain-based IT company and global distribution system operator in the region. "What's happened in the last four years is we've grown in every major sector in which Amadeus offers solutions," Gutz said in a recent interview. Indeed, its GDS market share has increased in North America, as agency bookings spiked on growth among online travel agencies, its airline IT portfolio gained its first significant U.S carrier in Southwest Airlines and the company expanded in its emerging hotel IT and airport IT segments. "In addition, we've just about doubled the number of people that we have in the market over a four-year period, both from an organic perspective and from an acquisition perspective," he said. "It feels to me like a much bigger, much more complex, much more exciting organization that has grown up over the past four years." Gutz recently spoke with The Beat's Jay Boehmer about airline merchandizing, the Amadeus e-Travel Management online booking system and other North America initiatives. An edited transcript follows. Read More »
Posted July 10, 2015
Jeff Klee

INTERVIEW: AmTrav CEO And Co-Founder Jeff Klee

AmTrav prides itself on its booking tool, which may have only "80 percent" of the "the bells and whistles" of a Concur but is "nimble" and quick to bring in nonfare airline content, said Klee, who is CEO of the travel management company and of online travel agency Klee spoke with The Beat's Jay Boehmer about bringing in new types of content, why he's not sold on the International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability, why AmTrav now works with Concur and how he balances supplier relationships when running an OTA alongside a TMC. Read More »
Posted June 2, 2015

Lufthansa Adds GDS Fees, Builds Booking Portals In Distribution Shake-Up

Lufthansa Group announced a radical shake-up of its distribution strategy, including a €16 fee for all bookings accepted through global distribution systems beginning Sept. 1. However, corporate customers will be able to book negotiated fares via Lufthansa’s website without incurring the fee, while travel agents can avoid the fee if they book via the group’s online portal. Read More »
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Posted May 27, 2015

IATA Sees NDC Advancing Interlining, Single Passenger Document

The International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability intends to close the gap between how airlines sell through direct and indirect channels. But the reinvention of the process proposed under NDC could open other opportunities for carriers and corporate clients. Read More »
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Posted May 13, 2015

New Distribution Capability Standards Near Validation, Still Plenty For Corporates To Assess

The International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability in July will take another important step from drawing board to reality when IATA's Passenger and Airport Data Interchange Standards Board is scheduled to validate NDC standards for shopping, booking, servicing, payment and ticketing. PADIS's validation will stamp IATA member airlines' seal of approval on a strategy intended to make indirect airline sales much more like direct sales. Read More »
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