Posted January 15, 2015

With Split Complete, Pegasus' Former Distribution Business Eyes A Reboot

Each of Pegasus Solutions' three primary businesses has been broken up and sold piecemeal, with The Distribution Hospitality Intelligent Systems Company emerging as the newly owned brand formerly operating as Pegasus Electronic Distribution Services. Read More »
Posted by: Jay Boehmer | More by Jay Boehmer
Posted April 2, 2014
Linda Kent

Interview: Pegasus Solutions Vice President Of Distribution Strategy Linda Kent

Pegasus Solutions in February hired hotel distribution veteran Linda Kent to lead its distribution strategies. Prior to joining Pegasus, Kent spent five years leading Wyndham Hotel Group's electronic distribution strategies, following a similar role with Starwood Hotels and Resorts for eight years and previous gigs with Sabre, Worldspan and Woodside Travel Management Systems. Kent spoke recently with The Beat's Michael B. Baker about her new position and the role of global distribution systems in a rapidly changing hotel distribution sphere. Read More »
Posted July 10, 2013 - New York
David Millili

INTERVIEW: Pegasus Solutions CEO David Millili

A year into his tenure as CEO of Pegasus Solutions, David Millili talks with The Beat's Michael B. Baker about the company's reorientation and ambitions, and trends in mobile booking platforms, social media and open booking policies. Read More »
Posted April 17, 2013

Travel Tech Veteran Reynolds Prepping New Hotel Shopping Tool

A frequent critic of what he calls the corporate travel industry's lack of innovation, travel technology consultant Steve Reynolds is putting his own skin in the game by developing an automated hotel shopping tool now being tested for corporate travel. Read More »
Posted October 5, 2012

Pegasus Transitions Utell Into Tiered Service Offering

Pegasus Solutions has transformed its Utell Hotels & Resorts hotel representation service into Pegasus Connect, a three-tiered offering for hotels that ranges from basic global distribution system connection to fuller sales, mobile and data support. Read More »
Posted November 20, 2009 - New York City

Pegasus Seeks Scale In HP Deal

Pegasus Solutions announcement this week of a seven-year agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services is a bid to improve its capacity to handle the growing demands of online buying and information gathering, and to attract big hotel clients, Read More »
Posted by: Lauren Darson | More by Lauren Darson
Posted October 1, 2009 - Austin, Texas

Escalating Look-To-Book Ratio Prompts Pegasus To Change Model

Facing a dramatic rise in the number of looks to books in the Pegasus UltraSwitch hotel distribution system, Pegasus Solutions is starting with new contracts as part of a model that credits subscribers for bookings but charges for excess system hits Read More »
Posted August 5, 2009 - New York City
Mike Kistner

INTERVIEW: Pegasus CEO Mike Kistner staff writer Lauren Darson and The Beat founder Jay Campbell last week checked in with Pegasus Solutions president and CEO Mike Kistner regarding that company's progress with its next-generation central reservation system. Read More »
Posted April 28, 2009 - New York City

Pegasus Pushes Hotels For All-in Pricing

Prompted by consumer demand for thorough hotel pricing information, Pegasus Solutions has set a July deadline by which all hotels listing through the companys Online Distribution Database must provide a breakout of taxes, fees and other service charg Read More »
Posted by: Lauren Darson | More by Lauren Darson
Posted August 26, 2008 - New York City

FEATURE: Industry Adjusts to Hotel Direct Connects

With the notable exception of Web sites, direct distribution options between vendors and corporate accounts remain scarce. Although they often complain about the cost, vendors for the most part still need to participate in global distrib Read More »
Posted by: Lauren Darson | More by Lauren Darson
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