Posted November 11, 2016

VDR Petitions German Cartel Office To Review Prism And IATA Data Disclosures

German travel manager's association VDR submitted a formal petition to the country's federal cartel office alleging that data consolidators Prism and the International Air Transport Association "violate data protection and competition regulations in disclosing corporate data when booking flights," according to a VDR statement. Read More »
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Posted August 19, 2014
Michael Whitesage

INTERVIEW: Prism Founder Michael Whitesage

Two years after selling his firm to Sabre, Prism Group founder Michael Whitesage this month departed the company. Just don't call it a retirement. He recently caught up with The Beat's Jay Boehmer to talk about his latest pursuits and the company he's leaving behind. Read More »
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Posted August 11, 2014
Greg Webb

INTERVIEW: Sabre's Greg Webb And Yannis Karmis

Los Angeles - The Beat's David Jonas recently caught up here with Sabre Travel Network president Greg Webb and Yannis Karmis, vice president for STN's Global Corporate Solutions group, established in February. Read More »
Posted May 20, 2014

JetBlue To View Corporate Deals Through Sabre's Prism

A JetBlue Airways official confirmed that the airline is implementing Prism, the Sabre-owned software used by most major U.S. airlines and some overseas to measure client market share when crafting and monitoring corporate deals. Read More »
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Posted April 16, 2014

Airlines' Use Of Prism Continues Stirring Controversy In Europe

At its spring conference in Berlin this month, German travel managers' association VDR bestowed on Prism Group a distinction that the U.S.-based travel data consolidation specialist neither sought nor welcomed. Awarded annually for the greatest business travel annoyance, VDR's "Return To Sender" recognition for 2013 went to all airlines requiring corporate customers to submit booking data through Prism if they wish to receive the best possible discount offers. Read More »
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Posted January 13, 2014

New AA Sales Force, Corporate And Agency Programs Take Shape

Roughly a month into merger integration, American Airlines and US Airways have named corporate sales leaders, implemented Prism as their joint corporate data aggregator and begun jointly fielding corporate requests for proposals. The merged carrier also is working toward new joint agency programs planned for this spring, according to AA vice president of global sales Derek DeCross. Read More »
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Posted February 13, 2013

Whitesage Envisions Prism-Style Hotel And Car Contracting

When Sabre last year purchased Prism, the company not only picked up the tool that most of the world's largest airlines use to develop and monitor corporate marketshare agreements, but also a patent that provides an opportunity to bring those contracting methods and technologies to other travel categories, including hotel and rental car. Read More »
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Posted August 6, 2012

Sabre, Prism Reiterate Data Privacy Commitments

Sabre's acquisition of Prism should concern travel buyers in terms of data privacy and airlines in that it makes Sabre stronger, according to some observers. But the principals said Prism would operate essentially as it has, remaining independent from other Sabre areas in which airline relationships have been confrontational. Read More »
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Posted August 2, 2012

AA To Urge DOJ Scrutiny Of Sabre-Prism; Sabre Says Been There, Done That

American Airlines plans to ask the Department of Justice to look into Sabre's just-announced purchase of Prism Group. Read More »
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Posted October 12, 2011

Prism Upgrades Airline Sales System

Since its release in 2000, Prism Group's SalesServer has redefined how airlines contract with corporations. After more than four years of development and a handful of airline implementations, Prism is billing its successor system as yet another game changer, according to president Michael Whitesage. Read More »
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