Posted November 14, 2016
Bill Brindle

INTERVIEW: HRG Chief Information Officer Bill Brindle

"The current model is going to change." So says HRG chief information officer Bill Brindle, who should know. He addressed British Airways’ New Distribution Capability conference in London last month, and has supported its client, Volkswagen, which has established a direct connection to Lufthansa (as has Siemens). Brindle spoke with The Beat contributing editor Amon Cohen about why emerging alternative distribution channels present huge opportunities but need to become as robust as more established technologies. Read More »
Posted September 23, 2016

Siemens: More Direct Connections To Come After Lufthansa

Siemens is talking to more airlines about building direct connections from their reservation systems into its booking tool, the company’s travel team told The Beat. Munich-based Siemens started a pilot connection, bypassing global distribution systems, to Lufthansa Group carriers in March and rolled out the interface across all divisions in Germany on Aug. 1. Lufthansa announced earlier this month it had completed connections to both Siemens and Volkswagen. Read More »
Posted by: Amon Cohen | More by Amon Cohen
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