Posted February 3, 2017

Concur Embarks On Message Bot With Slack Integration

Concur is beta testing a bot with group messaging system Slack that can support simple T&E tasks via a conversational interface. It marks the beginning of Concur's foray into the buzzed about world of messaging interfaces and bots. Read More »
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Posted June 25, 2014

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Posted September 26, 2009

Travel Free for All!

In speaking with a colleague today, I learned that one of his clients does not have a T&E preferred supplier program in place for airlines, hotels or ground transportation. In fact, this company spends millions on travel and allows their travelers to buy tickets from any place of their choosing. They have no travel policies. Their employees look up the typical trip cost estimates in their travel database and use it as a guideline when booking trips. With the estimated trip costs in hand, the Read More »
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Posted September 8, 2009

T&E Leading And Lagging Controls

How do you measure your travel and entertainment expense behaviors and outcomes?  Most leaders are taught to focus on the bottom line, and then cut, cut, cut expenses.  I recommend reviewing the leading and lagging controls that are in place to obtain cost reduction.

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Posted July 4, 2009

Where do you find T&E spend?

Where do we find T&E spend? What is T&E spend?  Most call it Travel and Entertainment; some call it Travel and Expense.  Regardless of what you call it, most organizations spend millions of dollars on it annually.  And, look beyond corporate card data to truly understand your organization's buying behavio Read More »

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