Posted July 26, 2017

Frosch Execs Launch Separate Mobile Tech Business For TMCs

A couple Frosch executives co-founded a startup that provides mobile itinerary management technology for travel management companies to support travelers in-trip whether they transact with the agency or book off channel. Read More »
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Posted July 6, 2017

Casto Bets On Subscription Pricing, Bot Interactions For Traveler-Centric Proposition

Casto Travel CEO Marc Casto is over the transaction-based model that has dominated travel management company pricing for so long. Like a few other advocates for a shift, including AmTrav Corporate Travel and Executive Travel, he is attracted to a per-traveler, per-month "membership" model. Read More »
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Posted May 4, 2017

GUEST: ASTA's Mark Meader On Full Content

Concerns surrounding airline/GDS "full content" agreements have been very much in the media of late, and with the prevalence of news articles on the topic, the American Society of Travel Agents reached out to a number of its members to obtain a read on the situation. Read More »
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Posted December 14, 2016

CTM Bulks Up In The U.K. With Redfern Acquisition

Australia-based Corporate Travel Management announced plans to acquire U.K.-based Redfern Travel and Tasmania-based Andrew Jones Travel. In conjunction, the publicly traded travel management company issued a new share purchase option to eligible shareholders to raise A$71 million to fund the deals. Read More »
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Posted October 19, 2016

Deem Buys Hotel Sentiment Engine Olset

Deem has acquired hotel travel technology provider Olset, Deem president and COO John Rizzo announced today during The Beat Live conference in Chicago. Read More »
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Posted August 16, 2016

World Travel Becomes First Travel Company To Join Privacy Shield Data Protection Framework

Travel management company World Travel has become the first business in the travel sector to appear on the U.S. government's list of companies that have joined the European Union-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. U.S. companies adhering to Privacy Shield self-certify they are transferring personal data of European Union citizens to the United States in compliance with EU law. The European Commission approved the framework on July 12. It succeeds Safe Harbor, which the European Court of Justice ruled invalid in 2015. Read More »
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Posted March 9, 2016

Executive Travel Plans Bespoke, Branded Mobile Apps For Each Client

In November, Nebraska-based travel management company Executive Travel placed its first mobile application, Executive Travel On The Go, in Apple and Google app stores. Going forward, however, each of the TMC's corporate clients may come to know it as something different: The agency's mobile strategy lets each client customize the branding and features of the app. Read More »
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Posted February 3, 2016

EasyJet Evolves TMC Sales Approach, Adds Sales Staff

EasyJet added five people to its sales staff, tasked with engaging more directly with travel management companies in Europe. The move is part of an evolving sales strategy for the United Kingdom-based airline, whose uncommon distribution approach and low-cost roots require it to do some handholding with TMCs. Read More »
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Posted January 7, 2016

Direct Travel Flips To Another Private Equity Owner

Private equity firm Silver Oak Services Partners sold its equity stake in Direct Travel to Boston-based Abry Partners last month. The transaction came roughly four years after Silver Oak took ownership of Direct Travel and backed an aggressive travel agency roll-up, led by Direct Travel CEO Ed Adams. Read More »
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Posted November 20, 2015

Egencia-Orbitz For Business Integration Underway

During a company earnings call late last month, Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said the bulk of the work integrating its recent Orbitz acquisition would occur "over the next nine months," but some business lines, including Orbitz for Business, would be "pushing out to a year or more." Read More »
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