Posted January 10, 2018
Gabe Rizzi

INTERVIEW: Travel Leaders Corporate President Gabe Rizzi

Nearly two years ago, multibrand travel agency operator Travel Leaders Group appointed Gabe Rizzi to lead the Travel Leaders Corporate division. Since then, he has welcomed several acquisitions into the fold. He recently spoke with The Beat editor-in-chief Jay Boehmer about acquisitions, multinational positioning, mobile strategy and Travel Leaders Corporate's approach to client technology. Read More »
Posted January 5, 2018

Evercore Equity Analysts See Huge Competitive Advantages For Amadeus, Downgrade Competitors

Evercore ISI equity analysts this week upgraded the outlook for Amadeus but lowered outlooks for its primary competitors: Sabre and Travelport. Read More »
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Posted December 15, 2017
Adam Daniels

INTERVIEW: BA Chief Commercial Officer Adam Daniels And Head Of Distribution Ian Luck

British Airways introduced a global distribution system surcharge on Nov. 1 but at the last minute signed "private channel" deals waiving the surcharge for travel agencies that committed to eventually take BA content through New Distribution Capability-standard connections. The Beat’s Amon Cohen talked to BA chief commercial officer Adam Daniels and head of distribution Ian Luck about the thinking behind private channel and how BA and the rest of the travel industry are evolving to a new distribution model. Read More »
Posted December 14, 2017

Ryanair Leaves Amadeus And Sues Expedia, Asserting Direct-First Approach

Ryanair has long maintained an aggressively direct-first distribution philosophy. It calls the most heavily trafficked airline website in the world, as well as its preferred platform to keep distribution costs down, nurture direct relationships with customers and, not least, sell them an array of ancillary products for which the low-cost carrier is famous. Read More »
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Posted December 13, 2017

Travelport Becomes First GDS Certified As NDC Level 3 Aggregator

Travelport today became the first global distribution system operator to achieve the International Air Transport Association's highest-level certification as an aggregator under the New Distribution Capability initiative. As such, Travelport made good on its target to achieve Level 3 NDC status by early 2018. Read More »
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Posted December 8, 2017

IATA Embarks On 'Critical Mass' Phase Of NDC Adoption As Airlines, GDSs Buy In

The International Air Transport Association is concluding the "first five-year cycle" of its New Distribution Capability standard-making initiative and embarking on the next, two-year phase to "drive a critical mass of NDC transactions," according to presentation slides for remarks NDC program director Yanik Hoyles delivered this week. Read More »
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Posted November 27, 2017

Hogg Robinson Looks To NDC To Rebuild Falling Revenues

Client wins inspired by early global leadership in New Distribution Capability will help Hogg Robinson Group reverse long-term revenue declines in the coming months, CEO David Radcliffe claimed during the group’s half-year results presentation last week. Read More »
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Posted November 22, 2017

HRG Reaches Highest-Level NDC Certification

HRG this week achieved Level 3 certification as a travel seller under the International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability initiative, making it one of the few travel management companies to land certification at any level. Read More »
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Posted November 10, 2017

Amadeus Lays Out Multisource Airline Distribution Approach

Amadeus has formalized a multisource approach to airline distribution with its new Convergence Platform, which aims to aggregate airline content regardless of source and integrate it into established, global distribution system-based workflows for travel agencies. Read More »
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Posted November 6, 2017

LETTER: AmTrav CEO Offers A Path Forward For Airline Distribution

AmTrav CEO Jeff Klee submitted the following letter in response to an article last week in which The Beat discussed recent developments and the evolution of airline distribution with Travelport CEO Gordon Wilson. Read More »
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