Posted July 20, 2011

Southwest: DOT Tax-Disclosure Compliance Would Cost Millions, Delay IT Projects

It would seem simple enough: All carriers have to do by Oct. 24 is include government taxes and fees when quoting airfares in ads and fare displays, instead of relying on footnotes, asterisks, two-point fonts and fine print. But for Southwest Airlines, compliance with new Department of Transportation requirements would require a revamp of its frequent flyer program, cost millions in lost revenue and postpone other key IT projects--including already-stalled attempts to enable international bookin Read More »
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Posted June 16, 2011

GUEST: TRX's Hammond On Booking And Expense Integration

TRX president and CEO Shane Hammond submitted the following column in response to a June 8 guest commentary by Databasics CEO Alan Tyson.

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Posted June 10, 2011

Distribution Basics: And What Role Do The GDSs Play?

This is an oligopoly with three major players and one regional player. Travelport owns three GDS brands, Galileo marketed globally, Apollo and Worldspan marketed primarily in the US.  Travelport is the number two player in the US. Sabre is number one in the US and markets its product everywhere in the world but Asia, where they have an investment in Abacus. Separate from the Abacus activity, Sabre is currently number three globally. Abacus is hosted on Sabre. Amadeus is the number one GDS w Read More »
Posted May 18, 2011

CWT Says AA Plan Could Cost Up To $25 Per Transaction, Signals New $3 Fee Across All Carriers

Citing the June 1 expiration of the American Airlines-Sabre "stand-down" and possible Aug. 31 termination of AA's agreements with Sabre and Travelport, Carlson Wagonlit Travel informed clients it may need to charge a roughly $3 per-transaction fee "across all transactions, regardless of booked carrier."

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Posted May 18, 2011

Re: CWT Protest On ETS2

BTN reported that CWT "had no comment." Or was it that CWT was speechless? Read More »
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Posted April 22, 2011

The Tipping Point Is Near

Holy cow, can this really be happening? At The Beat Live conference in Chicago last year, a comment was made that the corporate travel industry could be at a tipping point in regards to the future of distribution. Well folks I'm here to tell you, we've not only hit the tipping point but the wall is starting to crack. Read More »
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Posted April 22, 2011

DOT's Headache: A Problem Aspirin Won’t Solve

The Department of Transportation is delaying any decision to force airlines to utilize the GDS-mandated methodology for selling and displaying ancillary services. They are delaying their decision because they "lack additional information about costs, benefits and consequences" of requiring carriers to provide that information to the GDSs. It's easy to understand why DOT has more questions than answers. We can just look at some of the recent comments by industry brass. Airlines now support a stan Read More »
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Posted March 9, 2011

Travel Evolution Is Not Just About Technology ... Right?

I always thought technology drives most change and the travel industry is no different to any other business in this respect. I assumed that the reason for travel evolution being so painful was that new technology had been so scarce for so long that now it has arrived people are overdosing on it. However, unlike the pharmaceutical business nobody has tested products, understood the correct dosage or learned how to deal with adverse reactions. Read More »
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Posted May 5, 2010

Views On Travel Innovation, Part 2

As I described in Part 1, broad innovations in technology have paved the way for many travel innovations. But surely there are important non-technology factors that are shaping the future of the travel industry. Let's take a look at five such factors and their implications. Read More »
Posted April 29, 2010

Views On Travel Innovation, Part 1

Yesterday I spoke at the Open Travel Alliance's Forum on the topic of innovation in consumer travel. This post summarizes the major factors influencing travel innovation, and the top innovations in consumer travel from the last two decades. Read More »
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