Posted May 15, 2012

Developer Revealed As Travel Leaders Corporate App Launches

Canada-based agency automation provider MagnaTech this week claimed that about 200 agencies use its mobile trip recovery app, which has been downloaded nearly 2,000 times since January. Called SafeToGo, the product was private-labeled as Travel Leaders Corporate's Beacon app, which launched last month for iOS, later than originally planned. Beacon and SafeToGo also have Android and BlackBerry versions. Read More »
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Posted May 10, 2012

Travelport Claims Advancement In Revenue Diversification, Cost Control

Travelport executives reported flat March quarter agent incentive growth and "solid" 2 percent growth in average transaction processing revenue per segment, pointing to incremental success in the company's efforts to adjust the basic GDS business model. Read More »
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Posted May 10, 2012

TRX 'Emerging From Transformation'

TRX for several years has been shifting its strategic direction by reducing reliance on airline transactions, emphasizing its data reporting business over transaction processing services, and minimizing its dependency on a small number of large customers. Read More »
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Posted May 9, 2012

Amadeus CEO Plots Shorter Timeline For Southwest Implementation, Domestic Res Decision

Amadeus IT Group president and CEO Luis Maroto said Southwest Airlines will make its decision on whether to adopt the Amadeus Altéa passenger service system within a year—a more aggressive timeframe than Southwest CEO Gary Kelly would allow in announcing plans to use the PSS for its international businesses. Read More »
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Posted May 8, 2012
Roman Peskin

INTERVIEW: DealAngel Co-Founders Roman Peskin and Bob Rogers

The latest entry in the increasingly crowded hotel search engine category, DealAngel last month launched a public beta. Its differentiator, as described by co-founders Roman Peskin and Bob Rogers, is that it ranks hotels by absolute value, not absolute price. Read More »
Posted May 3, 2012

Concur Raises Expectations After Strong Quarter

Following "exceptionally strong" March quarter results, Concur raised its near-term guidance for revenue, operating margin, earnings and cash flow, including an expectation for revenue growth of 25.5 percent in the current quarter. Concur on Wednesday reported March quarter revenue of $108.4 million, which at 28 percent higher than a year earlier represented the company's "highest year-over-year growth rate since the beginning of the recession," CFO Frank Pelzer told analysts during a conference call. Read More »
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Posted May 1, 2012

TripIt To Introduce Hotel Suggestions, Bookings

TripIt plans on Wednesday to launch a feature that suggests hotels to travelers after they book their flights and enables them to book rooms. Read More »
Posted May 1, 2012

Backlash Persists After IATA PaxIS Opt-Out Deadline Passes

This week's deadline for agencies in the European Union to opt out of having sales data identified through the International Air Transport Association's Passenger Intelligence Services data product has passed, but the backlash regarding the association's approach to securing agent buy-in for the program continues to simmer. Read More »
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Posted May 1, 2012

World Travel Plans Mobile App

World Travel Inc. in Pennsylvania is aiming by August to release a mobile app that complements those provided by online booking tool partners. The company would become one of a very small number of TMCs to build its own app. Read More »
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Posted April 30, 2012

NuTravel To Rebrand ResX

When nuTravel in November bought ResX from TRX for $3.5 million, the plan was to sunset the booking tool and move clients to nuTravel's CTS product. Then the customers had their say. Read More »
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