Posted November 29, 2016

HRG Eyes More Hands-On Role In Distribution, Teases 'New Service Model'

During Hogg Robinson Group's half-year conference call for investors today, chief executive David Radcliffe identified a "major opportunity out there at the moment," and that is HRG's role in distribution. Read More »
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Posted November 14, 2016
Bill Brindle

INTERVIEW: HRG Chief Information Officer Bill Brindle

"The current model is going to change." So says HRG chief information officer Bill Brindle, who should know. He addressed British Airways’ New Distribution Capability conference in London last month, and has supported its client, Volkswagen, which has established a direct connection to Lufthansa (as has Siemens). Brindle spoke with The Beat contributing editor Amon Cohen about why emerging alternative distribution channels present huge opportunities but need to become as robust as more established technologies. Read More »
Posted November 11, 2016

VDR Petitions German Cartel Office To Review Prism And IATA Data Disclosures

German travel manager's association VDR submitted a formal petition to the country's federal cartel office alleging that data consolidators Prism and the International Air Transport Association "violate data protection and competition regulations in disclosing corporate data when booking flights," according to a VDR statement. Read More »
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Posted November 10, 2016

Flight Centre's Corporate Unit Taps Into Flight Disruption Startup Freebird

Flight Centre Travel Group's corporate travel division partnered to incorporate Freebird's flight disruption and rebooking service as an option for customers in the United States. Read More »
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Posted November 4, 2016

Amadeus Outpaces GDS Market In The Third Quarter

The market for global distribution system worldwide air bookings among major operators expanded 3 percent during the third quarter, and Amadeus once again grew faster than the market, the company reported Friday. Read More »
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Posted November 1, 2016

Panel: TMC, Tech Execs Assess Bots, Messaging And AI In Corporate Travel

At The Beat Live in Chicago last month, Sabre Labs director Mark McSpadden led a discussion on artificial intelligence, bots and messaging technologies. Alongside him were Servo founder Nadav Gur, American Express Global Business Travel vice president Evan Konwiser, FCM Travel Solutions chief strategy officer John Morhous and Pana CEO Devon Tivona. Read More »
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Posted October 27, 2016
Dara Khosrowshahi

INTERVIEW: Expedia Inc. CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

In a keynote address on innovation at The Beat Live last week, Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi discussed how the pace of innovation is accelerating, how experimentation and collaboration nurture innovation and how "perfect is the enemy of innovation." Along with that, he shared a philosophy on the virtue of making "small bets" in various areas versus making "big bets" in one or two. Following his address, Khosrowshahi took the stage to field questions on innovation, the corporate travel market and Expedia's bets—big and small—in travel. Read More »
Posted October 25, 2016

Yapta Challenger FairFly Casts A Wider Net For Fare Savings

Yapta has gained a solid hold on the corporate market with its FareIQ airfare price-assurance offering. Now, a challenger is emerging: FairFly, like FareIQ, monitors booked flights for savings opportunities that result from price fluctuations that occur between booking and departure. Read More »
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Posted October 6, 2016

Just How Big Is Concur Travel Anyway?

It was 10 years ago when Concur entered the corporate booking market with the acquisition of Outtask. Since then, it has established itself not only as the dominant expense system in the United States but also the most-used corporate booking tool by several measures. Read More »
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Posted September 28, 2016

GUEST: NDC Provides 'No Discernible Contributions' For Travel Sellers

Christian Kameir, a former exec with travel management company Traveltrust and CEO of travel market startup noGDS, submitted this column on the International Air Transport Association's New Distributi... Read More »
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