Posted April 7, 2016

Study: Travelers Under 35 Show More Faith In Corporate Rates, Book Outside Anyway

Managed travelers younger than 35 demonstrate more faith in corporate rate integrity than do their older counterparts, according to recent research from Phocuswright. That is the good news for travel management professionals. The bad? Travelers younger than 35 are more inclined to book outside the program and do so at a higher rate than travelers 35 and older. Read More »
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Posted October 26, 2015

COMMENT: CWT's Nicholas Vournakis On Disruption And Collaboration

The Beat's readers selected Carlson Wagonlit Travel ‎senior vice president of global marketing Nicholas Vournakis' pitch over 11 others, voting for him to deliver his keynote address on disruption and collaboration at The Beat Live conference in Arlington, Va. A condensed and edited transcript of his remarks, delivered late last month, follows. Read More »
Posted February 9, 2011

Getting Back To Basics With Business Travelers

How much does the average business traveller know about travel programme management? I would argue strongly that the answer is very little which is a problem. How much does the average travel buyer know about the practicalities of using travel to meet individual traveller’s needs? Again I would argue very little except for their own particular experiences. Is this a healthy state of affairs? No. Read More »
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Posted October 11, 2010

The Future Of Corporate Travel: How To Change Your Approach To Become Truly Traveler-Centric

Below is a talk I gave at The Beat Live, a travel business conference attended by some of the top executives in the industry a few weeks ago in Chicago. It's my perspective on how some of the existing major players in the industry need to re-think their capabilities and roles in order to adjust to the changing market.

I welcome your comments and thoughts. Read More »

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Posted October 8, 2010

Can I Get The Upgrade, How About An Aisle?

I navigate my way to the gate dodging vacationing families, couples and troops headed to one base or another. Grabbing my boarding pass, I glance down to see where my seat is. I didn’t have time to get online and secure an exit row so I may have to deal with whatever was booked. One thing that I assume when I get my ticket is that I’ll get a decent seat no matter what (chairman preferred and all that).  I look down. 9B. Read More »
Posted July 16, 2010

An Ad Campaign Doesn't Make You Traveler-Centric

Last week I read a story on The Beat in which Jay Campbell insinuates that simply marketing mobile solutions directly to corporate travelers is sufficient to establish a corporate technology provider as traveler-centric. Bowling night was canceled last Tuesday, so I wasn't waking up to the typical Wednesday morning fog. I reread the posting several times, and frankly I cannot comprehend how marketing to an end-user makes a company or its products traveler-centric. In fact, I'd argue that it's Read More »
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Posted July 13, 2010

Do You Make Your Travel Program Easy For You, Or For Your Travelers?

I was in London a couple of weeks back to attend the Business Travel Market, a conference and trade show for the UK and broader European corporate travel market. In the opening remarks, Jon West, HRS's Commercial Director for the UK and Ireland, posed the following question to the audience comprised mostly of corporate travel buyers:

“Do you make your travel program easy for you, or for your travelers?” Read More »

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Posted March 24, 2010

A Road Warrior's Dilemma

In my position as general manager of client services for Travel and Transport, I traveled significantly last year and have been on an airplane 12 weeks in a row in 2010. Okay, I have to admit, one of the weeks out of the 12  was a vacation to Mexico with the family. Read More »
Posted January 5, 2010

What We Learn From The Movie Up In The Air

[EDIT: Some small spoilers contained herein.] Read More »
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Posted February 15, 2008

"If you put up with this, you are an idiot."

Travel professionals might get a kick out of this ranting, raving and sometimes thoughtful discussion among biotech industry employees about corporate travel policy:

Read More »

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