Posted December 7, 2017

DOT Withdraws Bag Fee Disclosure Rulemaking

As anticipated, the U.S. Department of Transportation this week officially withdrew a proposed rulemaking that would have required airlines and ticket agents to disclose at all points of sale itinerary-specific details on applicable fees for up to two checked bags and carry-on luggage. Read More »
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Posted November 10, 2015

Agents Want Compensation For Selling Ancillaries, But Airlines Resist

Midway through a panel discussion on airline merchandizing at a Travelport customer conference here last week, Atmosphere Research Group founder and moderator Henry Harteveldt asked travel agents if they felt they "should be compensated by the airline to sell the ancillary products." Read More »
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Posted September 1, 2015
Scott Gutz

INTERVIEW: Amadeus North America President and CEO Scott Gutz

Scott Gutz became president and CEO of Amadeus North America in April 2011 and has since overseen an expansive period for the Spain-based IT company and global distribution system operator in the region. "What's happened in the last four years is we've grown in every major sector in which Amadeus offers solutions," Gutz said in a recent interview. Indeed, its GDS market share has increased in North America, as agency bookings spiked on growth among online travel agencies, its airline IT portfolio gained its first significant U.S carrier in Southwest Airlines and the company expanded in its emerging hotel IT and airport IT segments. "In addition, we've just about doubled the number of people that we have in the market over a four-year period, both from an organic perspective and from an acquisition perspective," he said. "It feels to me like a much bigger, much more complex, much more exciting organization that has grown up over the past four years." Gutz recently spoke with The Beat's Jay Boehmer about airline merchandizing, the Amadeus e-Travel Management online booking system and other North America initiatives. An edited transcript follows. Read More »
Posted July 10, 2015
Jeff Klee

INTERVIEW: AmTrav CEO And Co-Founder Jeff Klee

AmTrav prides itself on its booking tool, which may have only "80 percent" of the "the bells and whistles" of a Concur but is "nimble" and quick to bring in nonfare airline content, said Klee, who is CEO of the travel management company and of online travel agency Klee spoke with The Beat's Jay Boehmer about bringing in new types of content, why he's not sold on the International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability, why AmTrav now works with Concur and how he balances supplier relationships when running an OTA alongside a TMC. Read More »
Posted June 6, 2014

Report Finds Merchandizing Disconnect Between Airlines, Travelers

Driving ancillary revenue through merchandizing is all the rage with airlines the world over these days, and for good reason. But according to a Frost & Sullivan report commissioned by Amadeus, there's a pretty big gap between airline interest and traveler interest in many merchandizing techniques. Read More »
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Posted January 27, 2014

Amadeus Progressing On Airline Ancillary Fulfillment Strategies

Amadeus this month reported progress for its ancillary services projects ongoing with American, United and Delta. Those XML-based connections aren't going to use the Electronic Miscellaneous Document standard, but several other airlines now are set up to do so, and for the first time can sell ancillary services to North American Amadeus subscribers. Read More »
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Posted January 23, 2014

United Targets First Half Of Year For Returning Economy Plus To GDSs

United Airlines expects to begin selling its premium-economy seating product via all three major global distribution system providers in the first half of this year, chief revenue officer Jim Compton said on Thursday. Read More »
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Posted October 3, 2013

Are Commission Payments On Ancillary Services A Key Differentiator?

Some may say airlines are moving away from the idea of supporting ancillary service sales with financial incentives. After working on our latest ancillary service solution in partnership with Corsair, we're not so sure. Read More »
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Posted October 3, 2013

THE BEAT SHEET: The Beat Live; IATA on ATPCo; Cornerstone on 'New' Agency Tech

The latest edition of The Beat Sheet, an occasional collection of notes, quotes, musings, tips, reader comments and other tidbits from The Beat's writers. Read More »
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Posted September 11, 2013

Amid Calls For Action, Another Delay In DOT Air Fee Regulations

A group of nine air-passenger and consumer-advocacy organizations last week publicly berated the Office of Management and Budget, imploring it to "complete their work on the delayed Department of Transportation Enhancing Consumer Protections III rulemaking" and pass it back to DOT to solicit public comments. This week, DOT disclosed yet another delay in that process. Read More »
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