Posted April 13, 2017

30SecondsToFly Has Sights On AI Travel Management, Not Just Booking

At this stage of her career development, Claire is training to become a travel agent. She's still learning how to interact with travelers for booking. Trip cancellations and changes are especially challenging, so a supervisor has to step in. Claire's career goal is to become a corporate travel manager. It's an ambitious plan, since Claire is software wrapped in a bot brought to you by 30SecondsToFly, a startup that is building an "artificially intelligent employee for corporate travel management." Read More »
Posted by: Jay Boehmer | More by Jay Boehmer
Posted November 1, 2016

Panel: TMC, Tech Execs Assess Bots, Messaging And AI In Corporate Travel

At The Beat Live in Chicago last month, Sabre Labs director Mark McSpadden led a discussion on artificial intelligence, bots and messaging technologies. Alongside him were Servo founder Nadav Gur, American Express Global Business Travel vice president Evan Konwiser, FCM Travel Solutions chief strategy officer John Morhous and Pana CEO Devon Tivona. Read More »
Posted by: Jay Boehmer | More by Jay Boehmer
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