Posted December 1, 2017

CTM Touts Certification From Auditing Firm That Spots Fare Markups

Corporate Travel Management this week became the first travel agency to earn a newly created certification "for transparent airfare pricing" from a startup auditing firm, the Australia-based company announced. Read More »
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Posted August 3, 2009

Audit To Keep Your Meetings Program At Peak Performance

Today, it makes more sense than ever to regularly audit your meetings management processes, policies, vendor contracts, expenses and other areas. After all, you'd want to know if you were paying too much for a service, let's say, a third-party event planner or that your meeting planners aren't using the approved software to centrally source for hotels. Maybe it was true once that what you didn't know didn't hurt you. But not these days; what you don't know might even mean the loss of your job or Read More »
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Posted July 11, 2009

Examine 13 Areas For Travel And Expense Management Optimization

What should be audited for T&E optimization?  How do you know if you are paying too much for a service?  What are the best practices in the industry? If these are questions you've asked recently, you're not alone.  Companies are unlocking opportunities in pricing, discounts, policy, risk/reward service level agreements, security, and ou Read More »

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Posted June 19, 2009

Conduct Rate Audits to Reduce Costs

Many suppliers add fees that go unnoticed by travelers.  Airlines add baggage fees, hoteliers add resort fees, car rental companies add fuel fees, entertainment tickets add service fees….the list goes on and on.  Seeking revenue boosts, suppliers create new fees.

 Read More »

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