Posted October 13, 2015

T&T To Launch Subsidiary Focused On Data Aggregation, Visualization

Travel and Transport is making a big bet on "big data" by forming a stand-alone subsidiary that will provide data consolidation, aggregation and visualization tools for clients and nonclients alike. The emerging platform counts Travel and Transport client Allstate as an early adopter. Read More »
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Posted May 2, 2014

White House Council Uses 'Orwellian' Business Trip As A Warning For Big Data's Future

Like any sector, the travel business is undergoing an accelerating transformation spurred by expanded access to and analysis of ever-growing heaps of data. Seeking to guide regulators and lawmakers, a White House-commissioned report released Wednesday examined the promise and pitfalls of "big data and privacy," while offering a few warnings of particular interest to the travel sector. Read More »
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Posted August 26, 2013

Ron DiLeo, AirPlus International

Big Data. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. More data is created every year than in all of history before it. Ninety percent of the world's data has been created in the last two years. Most of it is unstructured and unmanaged. All industries will have to address the big data challenge: what do you do with it all? And, travel is one of the leading industries utilizing it. Read More »
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Posted December 10, 2012
Patrick Bosworth

INTERVIEW: Duetto Research CEO Patrick Bosworth

Patrick Bosworth, CEO of technology firm Duetto Research, last month spoke with The Beat's Michael B. Baker about what a big data approach means for hotel revenue management and how it ultimately could affect corporate rate negotiations and auditing. Read More »
Posted February 7, 2012

Re: WSJ On The Coming Tech-led Boom

The Wall Street Journal on Jan. 30 published a great opinion piece called "The Coming Tech-led Boom," which outlined three fundamental shifts the writers believe will transform this century like electricity, telephony and mass production did the last one. Read More »
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