Posted October 22, 2018

Airline Analyst Calls Agency Commission Growth 'Alarming'

United Airlines during its quarterly earnings call last week reported double-digit-percentage growth in corporate revenue on a year-over-year basis. With revenue come selling and distribution costs, and Wolfe Research analyst Hunter Keay seized on one of them: the "alarming" growth in commissions paid to travel management companies. Read More »
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Posted February 2, 2018

Delta Cuts Upfront Commissions For Some Preferred Agencies

Several agency sources said Delta this week cut front-end U.S. point-of-sale incentives on international tickets for multiple agencies. Read More »
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Posted May 16, 2017

Onyx To Migrate ECommission Solutions Clients After Purchase

Onyx CenterSource in the coming months plans to migrate eCommission Solutions agency clients to its RecoverPro commission reconciliation and recovery system, following this month's acquisition of ECS. "Over time," Onyx will sunset the ECS reconciliation and commission recovery system, Onyx president and CEO Mark Dubrow said in an interview. Read More »
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Posted March 3, 2016

GDS Agency Incentives Rose Steadily In 2015

The incentives that global distribution system operators pay to travel agencies for booking on their systems once again grew last year, according to GDS operator financial filings and executive comments. Read More »
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Posted November 10, 2015

Agents Want Compensation For Selling Ancillaries, But Airlines Resist

Midway through a panel discussion on airline merchandizing at a Travelport customer conference here last week, Atmosphere Research Group founder and moderator Henry Harteveldt asked travel agents if they felt they "should be compensated by the airline to sell the ancillary products." Read More »
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Posted October 31, 2011 - Las Vegas

TMC Panel Weighs Revenue Risks, Client Transparency

Uncertainty is one certain thing about how travel management companies generate revenue. Commissions from suppliers grow and wane along with their financial prospects, and TMCs struggle to maintain pricing power on client fees. Meanwhile, visibility into TMC finances will become more important, acco Read More »
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Posted August 12, 2011

Hickory Partners With eCommission Solutions On New Tech Tools

Hickory Global Partners said it partnered with eCommission Solutions to provide members with discounted access to the commission recovery application it now brands as Hickory Commission Recovery Read More »
Posted June 8, 2010 - Danbury, Conn.

INTERVIEW: BA's Simon Talling-Smith

The Beat's David Jonas on Tuesday talked about the new British Airways travel agency program with BA executive vice president for the Americas Simon Talling-Smith. Read More »
Posted October 21, 2008 - Danbury, Conn.

United Shows Sizable Distribution Cost Cuts

United Airlines seems to be making good on its vow to cut distribution costs. In the September quarter, the airline spent $181 million on distribution, down more than 14 percent from a year earlier. Read More »
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Posted August 20, 2008 - New York City

GUEST: Fitzgerald on 'The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior'

For anyone that follows my musings about distribution on a regular basis, you know that I have written columns for The Beat that poke a bit of fun at our industry ... Read More »
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