Posted August 3, 2017

Delta To 'Lean In' To GDSs, Renews Full Content Deal With Travelport

Delta Air Lines has renewed its full content agreement with Travelport "on a long-term basis," the global distribution system operator announced Thursday. Read More »
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Posted May 5, 2017

BA Parent Seeks 'Structural Change,' Calls GDS Relationships 'Not Sustainable'

British Airways parent International Airlines Group soon will reveal plans to reshape participation in major global distribution systems, likely opting out of full content provisions and changing the terms on which it distributes fares and related content in the travel agency and corporate channels. Read More »
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Posted May 4, 2017

GUEST: ASTA's Mark Meader On Full Content

Concerns surrounding airline/GDS "full content" agreements have been very much in the media of late, and with the prevalence of news articles on the topic, the American Society of Travel Agents reached out to a number of its members to obtain a read on the situation. Read More »
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Posted March 13, 2017

GUEST: Jim Davidson Asks, Have We Finally Had Our Fill Of Full Content?

Ever since the jury verdict was returned in the Sabre-US Airways antitrust trial in federal court in New York City in December, a lot of us have been mulling over the fate of GDS-prescribed full content provisions contained in most airline-GDS distribution agreements. Read More »
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Posted February 28, 2017

Major Airlines Pile On Grievances Against Sabre In Post-Trial Briefs

Several major airlines filed nonparty briefs supporting American Airlines' request for a U.S. federal court to put a stronger judicial stamp on a jury's conclusion that Sabre's contractual provisions, as applied to US Airways, violated antitrust law. Read More »
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Posted February 24, 2017

Amadeus CEO: Definition Of 'Full Content' Is Evolving

As airlines advance merchandizing strategies, explore dynamic pricing, expand ancillary offerings and establish fare families, the definition of full content "will need to evolve" and, indeed, already is, Amadeus president and CEO Luis Maroto said today during the company's fourth-quarter earnings call. Read More »
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Posted February 22, 2017

AA Asks For Court’s Help As It Negotiates New Sabre Deal

In December 2016, a jury found provisions in Sabre's 2011 global distribution system contract with US Airways violated federal antitrust law. Since then, American Airlines, which merged with the carrier after the lawsuit began, asked Sabre to exclude similar contractual provisions in a new GDS agreement, which would succeed the current deal that expires this year. So far, Sabre has "rebuffed" those requests. Read More »
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Posted December 20, 2016

US Airways Prevails In Antitrust Contract Claim, Sabre Plans To Contest Verdict

An 11-member jury found that Sabre's contract provisions ran counter to federal antitrust law and awarded US Airways, now American Airlines, $5.1 million in damages. Read More »
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Posted December 15, 2016

Judge Hands US Airways-Sabre Case To Jury After Closing Arguments

"Here we are at last," U.S. District Judge Lorna Schofield said Wednesday morning in a federal court here, kicking off the final day at trial in the five-year-plus antitrust case between US Airways and Sabre. At last, plaintiff US Airways, now American Airlines, and defendant Sabre made their final pleas to the jury in closing arguments. Read More »
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Posted September 1, 2015
Scott Gutz

INTERVIEW: Amadeus North America President and CEO Scott Gutz

Scott Gutz became president and CEO of Amadeus North America in April 2011 and has since overseen an expansive period for the Spain-based IT company and global distribution system operator in the region. "What's happened in the last four years is we've grown in every major sector in which Amadeus offers solutions," Gutz said in a recent interview. Indeed, its GDS market share has increased in North America, as agency bookings spiked on growth among online travel agencies, its airline IT portfolio gained its first significant U.S carrier in Southwest Airlines and the company expanded in its emerging hotel IT and airport IT segments. "In addition, we've just about doubled the number of people that we have in the market over a four-year period, both from an organic perspective and from an acquisition perspective," he said. "It feels to me like a much bigger, much more complex, much more exciting organization that has grown up over the past four years." Gutz recently spoke with The Beat's Jay Boehmer about airline merchandizing, the Amadeus e-Travel Management online booking system and other North America initiatives. An edited transcript follows. Read More »
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