Posted January 22, 2014

Concur Thus Far Dominates Government ETS2 Signings

The U.S. General Services Administration confirmed that 30 of the more than 90 eligible federal agencies and bureaus have signed vendor task orders for the next-generation E-Gov Travel Service travel management system. Each of the 30 has signed with Concur, though CWTSatoTravel has secured multiple extensions for its first-generation system. Read More »
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Posted May 18, 2010

Government, Heal Thyself

I was pleased to read in The Wall Street Journal that Congress took some action to reform or tighten its existing rules on overseas travel for government business. The new rules -- the first significant changes in more than 30 years -- were proposed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and they're a lot stricter than current guidelines. Read More »
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Posted March 24, 2010

Is Government Buying Wisely?

Being part of the European ‘nanny state’ must have its advantages, although I can’t quite think of even one at this time. Most definitely government travel buying, or for that matter any kind of state procurement, is not one. The conditions, deadlines, red tape, mandatory declarations and disclosures are such that the likelihood of a smart or mutually worthwhile deal is small. Read More »
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Posted October 3, 2008
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