Posted April 14, 2011 - New York City

GetThere, Orbitz For Business Breach Booking Barrier In Mobile

With Egencia this quarter aiming to release an iOS app and a mobile website for other devices, two of its primary competitors during the Association of Corporate Travel Executives conference this week unveiled their own mobile products and dinged the downloadable app strategy in favor of mobile websites that include booking capabilities.

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Posted April 7, 2011

Parkopedia App Helps Travelers Find Cheap And Convenient Parking

Nowadays, browser-based and mobile-based apps have a proven track record of helping road warriors optimize their company’s air, car and hotel spend, while at the same time, ensuring that they utilize approved booking channels. However, incidental expenses that aren’t necessarily bookable online can add up. For example, car parking fees. Read More »
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Posted April 5, 2011

The iPhone Effect On Airline Content Distribution: What Next, Airline App Stores?

There's been plenty to be said in the press recently about airline content and distribution. American Airlines has made rumblings in this space for several years now and recently has been turning up the "heat," leaving some confused about the future. Hold on, there might just be a simple solution - it is called choice.

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Posted April 1, 2011

GUEST: April Bridgeman Takes A New Look At End To End

This guest column is by senior vice president for strategic marketing and technology planning at BCD Travel April Bridgeman.

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Posted March 15, 2011

Egencia Details New Mobile Strategy To Debut In Q2

Expedia's Egencia next quarter plans to release the first phase of its "next-generation" mobile tools for travelers and managers, Egencia president Rob Greyber told The Beat. Initially providing itineraries and travel information, the mobile suite will be released globally at no added cost for iPhone and mobile web-enabled devices, and Egencia will "look to develop on additional platforms, including Android and BlackBerry, in coming releases."

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Posted March 14, 2011

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Posted March 10, 2011

RIM Uses Travel Partners To Market BlackBerry Travel App, For Now

Research In Motion plans to leave the business-to-business marketing and sales of its BlackBerry Travel app to travel partners, although leveraging its enterprise sales partners to work directly with corporations is a possibility in the future, a RIM executive said Thursday. Research In Motion and WorldMate last month announced they had rebranded the WorldMate app for BlackBerry as BlackBerry Travel, and RIM noted several participants in its partner program including Hilton, United and Travelpo Read More »
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Posted March 9, 2011

I Want A 'Mobile Guardian Angel'

Innovations in mobile and cloud computing have revolutionized the lives of business travelers. Consumer-targeted mobile travel apps now flood the marketplace, empowering individuals to easily view and manage their itineraries check-in for flights, look-up flight status/schedules and so much more. I use the term "empowering individuals" because all of this fantastic technology is primarily targeting individual travelers, leisure and business, to enable them to fend for themselves when on the go. Read More »
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Posted March 7, 2011

Location-Based Apps And The Business Traveler

How often have you driven by a shopping mall that houses some of your favorite stores and wondered – what specials are being offered today? You don't have any coupons with you and you don't have the time to wander into each store in search of "deals of the day." Well... now there are apps for that! Read More »
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Posted February 14, 2011

HRG's Brindle Assesses iPad Rivals And Apps Vs. Mobile Sites In Corporate Travel

HRG group distribution and technology director Bill Brindle this month commented on the challenges and opportunities for tablets in corporate travel, particularly as they become more enterprise-friendly. Read More »
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