Posted November 14, 2013


The Beat's founder and contributor Jay Campbell touched a nerve this week in his rant titled "COMMENT: Millennials Are People Too." In it, Jay pointed out that young people always have had different a... Read More »
Posted November 12, 2013

COMMENT: Millennials Are People Too

Can we please dump the "us" versus "them" discourse relative to the youngest members of the corporate workforce? The dialogue I've been hearing from both inside and outside the industry is fraught with hangups and foolishness, and polls aiming to uncover how Millennials are so different from Boomers and Xers seem only to prove that younger people are different from older people. Shocker! Read More »
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Posted July 18, 2013

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Posted April 24, 2013

New Adelman App Aims To Make Policy Compliance Fun

Adelman Travel Group of Milwaukee has submitted to Apple a new iOS app that informs travelers of whether their choices met with company policies and awards them points for achievement on specific itinerary elements. Top performers are listed on a company leaderboard, and clients can customize which activities warrant recognition and what rewards to give. Read More »
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Posted August 23, 2012

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Posted March 1, 2012

Is Your Meetings Policy Strong Enough for Today's Tough Negotiating Scene?

How interesting that there's been so much talk lately about traditional corporate travel and meetings policies losing impact, when it looks like this year compliance to use of preferred suppliers will be more important than ever. Read More »
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Posted February 14, 2012

COMMENT: Innovation, Utility Of Runzheimer's New Benchmarking Tool TBD

Runzheimer International this week announced it is developing a benchmarking tool that allows managed business travelers to compare Runzheimer's air, ground and lodging benchmarks in 200 U.S. and 100 foreign cities with rates from their chosen booking solutions, and virtually bank any savings they obtain once the trip is expensed. Read More »
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Posted February 8, 2012

Reduce Unmanaged Travel

Travel and meeting managers that use preferred suppliers become frustrated when their travelers or meeting attendees bypass the policies and use non-preferreds. Case in point, when we went through our Six Sigma measure stage at PwC (2007) to identify the rogue or maverick meeting spend that was not funneling through our meetings team, we learned that our strategic meetings management program only managed 49% of the total spend in the firm. Read More »
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Posted February 7, 2012

Managed Travel 2.0

Managed travel is experiencing a major shift. Thanks to technological innovation and competition, leisure travel offerings are in many cases outpacing those in corporate travel, especially when it comes to price and traveler experience. As a result, business travelers are questioning the value of managed travel services, while corporate leaders are questioning the value of policy-based programs. Read More »
Posted January 18, 2012

GUEST: Databasics CEO Alan Tyson Responds To Scott Gillespie On Policy

Databasics CEO Alan Tyson penned this response to Scott Gillespie's column on the Read More »
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