Posted September 18, 2017

European Air Payment Is In Flux On Multiple Fronts

The Beat reported this month that airline members of the International Air Transport Association will vote in November on whether to accept travel agencies' own payment cards for tickets. It's one of several major issues transforming how travel management companies handle air payments, especially in Europe. Read More »
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Posted February 14, 2017

Regulatory Freeze Raises Questions On DOT Bias Rule Status

A new U.S. Department of Transportation rule that prohibits travel agencies and airlines from biasing flight displays without notice officially takes effect Wednesday. Or, maybe it doesn't. DOT has declined to say for sure whether the scheduled Feb. 15 enactment will occur amid the Trump administration's regulatory freeze, leaving airlines, agencies and distributors in the dark. Read More »
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Posted January 18, 2017

DOT Proposes Ancillary Disclosure Rules, But Finalization In Question

The U.S. Department of Transportation released a new proposal to mandate the disclosure of ancillary fee information through the sales channels where airlines provide fare and schedule information. Read More »
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Posted November 17, 2016

New DOT Airline Biasing Rule Extends To Corporate Channels, To An Extent

A U.S. Department of Transportation regulation taking effect Dec. 5 prohibits undisclosed biasing against airlines in online shopping displays. Against the wishes of some travel management companies, DOT extended the final rule to corporate travel channels. Read More »
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