Posted February 7, 2012

Managed Travel 2.0

Managed travel is experiencing a major shift. Thanks to technological innovation and competition, leisure travel offerings are in many cases outpacing those in corporate travel, especially when it comes to price and traveler experience. As a result, business travelers are questioning the value of managed travel services, while corporate leaders are questioning the value of policy-based programs. Read More »
Posted January 3, 2012

GUEST: Gillespie Sees A Corporate Travel Management Tipping Point

The following is a guest column by Gillespie's Guide to Travel+Procurement author Scott Gillespie.

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Posted December 7, 2011

Farelogix To Host Buyer Forum

Farelogix is inviting 15 to 20 corporate travel buyers "who are proven industry thought leaders" to a new forum in January to address what they "need to do [their] job more effectively as relates to the changing face of airline products, technologies, travelers, and managed travel programs." At least one invited buyer is not sure of whether to attend for fear of legitimizing the effort. Read More »
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Posted September 6, 2011

Savvy Buyers Have Doubts. No, They're Not Paranoid.

To a large degree, the latest distribution debates are about controlling relationships with travelers. But what about the people who pay the bills in the end? They're not invited to the table to discuss airline-GDS economics, they're left out of the loop on direct supplier-to-traveler marketing, and they're often not privy to incentive deals among their suppliers. Corporate travel buyers are not paranoid, but the strategic ones are asking hard questions.

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Posted September 2, 2011

Perspective: Shine A Light On The Dark Art Of Supplier Traveler Surveys

This perspective piece by Management Alternatives' Will Tate was originally published in the Aug. 22, 2011, issue of Business Travel News.

We've all been in the dark (figuratively speaking, that is). That place where something seemed wrong, but you couldn't put your finger on it? Or you didn't know what it was that you didn't know? Travel managers may be in that situation now ... and not know it. Read More »

Posted July 26, 2011

How Healthy is Your Travel Program? 10 Prescriptions For Success

Just like maintaining your health, the modern travel management program requires regular "check-ups" to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently. Travel and Transport’s Partner Solutions Group has put together 10 "prescriptions" that will help you to maximize savings in your travel program.

Click here to download the whitepaper.

These insights are excerpted with permission from Travel & Transport's Inside T&T blog.

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Posted May 11, 2011

Business Travel Is Back But So Are Cost Savings

The leaders in business travel expect business travel to increase. GetThere customers represent the largest global travel spenders and they gave a clear viewpoint of travel budget planning in this year’s annual benchmark survey. Seventy-six percent say they are increasing their travel budgets, a clear recognition of the importance of business travel. And this growth is not limited to the U.S. Travel managers predicted higher travel budgets for Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, and Latin Read More »
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Posted April 1, 2011

GUEST: April Bridgeman Takes A New Look At End To End

This guest column is by senior vice president for strategic marketing and technology planning at BCD Travel April Bridgeman.

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Posted March 18, 2011

Maturity Models For Travel Programs

Ever since working at AT Kearney, I’ve liked the concept of maturity models. You might know them by the term "Stages of Excellence" or some other label. Done well, they are good at helping you quickly get a feel for where your company stacks up against others. Read More »
Posted March 9, 2011

I Want A 'Mobile Guardian Angel'

Innovations in mobile and cloud computing have revolutionized the lives of business travelers. Consumer-targeted mobile travel apps now flood the marketplace, empowering individuals to easily view and manage their itineraries check-in for flights, look-up flight status/schedules and so much more. I use the term "empowering individuals" because all of this fantastic technology is primarily targeting individual travelers, leisure and business, to enable them to fend for themselves when on the go. Read More »
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