Posted March 17, 2017

LETTER: Yapta CEO Counters Farelogix CEO's Perspective On Full Content

In a guest column this week, Farelogix CEO Jim Davidson took aim at full content agreements between airlines and global distribution systems. Yapta CEO James Filsinger submitted a letter in response. Read More »
Posted April 1, 2016

LETTERS: Two Responses On Third Parties And Innovation

Agency Technology president Lee Brubaker and Cornerstone Information Systems CEO Mat Orrego respond to a guest column by AmTrav president Craig Fichtelberg, who argued that an over-reliance on third-party technology inhibits travel management company innovation. Read More »
Posted January 30, 2015

LETTER: Travelport Replies, 'Future Of Merchandizing Happening Now'

Jay Boehmer's Jan. 6 article in The Beat, "Travelport Ancillary Agreements 'Going Gangbusters' " provided an accurate, yet incomplete, picture of Travelport's leadership in redefining merchandizing op... Read More »
Posted June 13, 2014

LETTER: A Distributed Managed-Travel Model Can Make Sense

Amon Cohen's recent article on the topic of regional versus global travel management company arrangements raised some eyebrows around the industry and promoted this letter from Business Travel Coalition founder and chairman Kevin Mitchell. Read More »
Posted May 28, 2014

LETTER: ATPCo Disputes DOT Rulemaking Cost Analysis

ATPCo disputed an economic impact assessment conducted by HDR on behalf of the U.S. Department of Transportation, covered this week in a report in The Beat (Costing Airlines Millions, Proposed DOT Fee... Read More »
Posted November 14, 2013


The Beat's founder and contributor Jay Campbell touched a nerve this week in his rant titled "COMMENT: Millennials Are People Too." In it, Jay pointed out that young people always have had different a... Read More »
Posted October 25, 2013


The International Air Transport Association weighs in on its New Distribution Capability project and the future role of fare filing. Read More »
Posted October 11, 2013


The Beat received several comments from readers regarding technologies provided to travel management companies from Yapta and ExpertFlyer. Read More »
Posted July 19, 2013


Our coverage of Concur's acquisitions announced this week elicited several responses. Read More »
Posted January 18, 2013


Jeff Klee, CEO of Amtrav, a Los Angeles-based TMC that also operates, weighs in American Airlines' new fare bundles. Read More »
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