Posted August 6, 2015

The Beat Live Keynote Pitch: Kevin Iwamoto, Lanyon

Topic: The Sharing Economy: Travel Manager Friend Or Foe? With the national corporate travel marketplace projected to hit $310 billion by the end of 2015 and opportunities of the greater meetings and events industry estimated to be over $500 billion, it's no surprise sharing economy startups like Airbnb and Uber are starting to target corporate travel dollars. Read More »
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Posted August 6, 2015

The Beat Live Keynote Pitch: Ralph Kaiser, UATP

Topic: The Evolution Of Alternative Payments Accepting payments in the travel industry has become increasingly more expensive due to the rising costs of transaction fees and charges. Companies are very aware of some of the costs accepted with payments, but many don’t even know their rates or what the customer wants. Credit and debit cards currently reign as the online payment of choice, but this trend is quickly changing. Read More »
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Posted August 6, 2015

The Beat Live Keynote Pitch: Scott Gillespie, tClara

Topic: Why Our Industry Must Adopt A Total-Cost-Of-Travel Model Travel management hasn't changed much in the last 20 years. It remains largely fixated on price reductions and cost avoidance. This harms our industry in three important ways: 1. Travel managers face fast-diminishing returns on sourcing, compliance, consolidation and duty of care. This locks their role into a low-value future. 2. Suppliers have little incentive to increase the value of their products if it means increasing their prices. 3. Delivering significant savings in a mature travel program requires tight controls around travel policies, often at the expense of traveler productivity and satisfaction. Read More »
Posted August 6, 2015

The Beat Live Keynote Pitch: Ron DiLeo, Altour

Topic: Reinventing How We Purchase Travel In the mid-1990s, procurement principles began dominating the business travel industry, forcing open discussions around full transparency in the world of suppliers. This came on the heels of the airlines eliminating commissions, as everyone tried to figure out who paid whom and for what. For several years thereafter, buying strategies for TMCs, airlines, hotels, etc., were new and innovative. Sadly, those innovations have largely settled into an endless series of the same old RFPs and "sharpen your pencil" conversations that have come to yield very little, if anything, incrementally. Read More »
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Posted August 6, 2015

The Beat Live Keynote Pitch: Brian Beard, Travel and Transport

Topic: The Future Of Travel Technology Technology will be one of the biggest factors (if not the biggest) driving change in our industry. Travel and Transport will explore the top technologies that will cause disruption, transparency, disintermediation and significant improvement for our industry. Technologies like Big Data, voice recognition and three-dimensional displays will be featured and other topics like why open booking has not caught on and what technologies might allow it to succeed will also be explored. Read More »
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Posted August 6, 2015

The Beat Live Keynote Pitch: Liz Carisone, GroundLink

Topic: Navigating Winding Ground Transportation Roads While the volume of chatter about ridesharing/on-demand ground transportation players has increased, travel managers are still unsure how to navigate this evolving landscape. They remain concerned about duty of care, customer privacy and data protection, global availability and their ground spend. Yet, increasingly they are met with a traveler who desires convenience and flexibility. I will discuss how travel mangers can balance their needs with that of their travelers to deliver a safe, reliable and convenient ground transportation program. Read More »
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Posted August 3, 2015

The Beat Live Agenda Now Posted

We are proud to present the agenda for The Beat Live conference, taking place Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in Arlington, Va. Read More »
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Posted July 30, 2015

Last Call To Speak At The Beat Live

This is the last call for all pundits, agitators and experts to pitch a keynote speech for The Beat Live, taking place in Arlington, Va., Sept. 29-Oct. 1. Read More »
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Posted July 9, 2015

Greg O'Hara To Take The Stage At The Beat Live

He's the executive chairman of American Express Global Business Travel, the founder of investment firm Certares, a Travel Leaders board member—and he's coming to The Beat Live. Read More »
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Posted June 24, 2015

Lufthansa VP To Take The Hot Seat At The Beat Live

To discuss Lufthansa Group's controversial initiative disrupting the distribution status quo, Lufthansa German Airlines vice president of the Americas Juergen Siebenrock will take the Hot Seat at The Beat Live this year and field questions from The Beat's editors, readers and conference attendees. There is plenty to discuss. Read More »
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