Posted October 16, 2018 - Atlanta

GUEST: Travelport CEO On Airline Control And Commercial Models In An NDC World

Travelport president and CEO Gordon Wilson kicked off The Beat Live event this month and addressed airline control and commercial models in the context of the International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability standard-making endeavor. Read More »
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Posted September 28, 2018

LETTER: Amadeus Writes In On Lufthansa Comments

Amadeus submitted the following letter to add context to its original statement published in an article this week. Read More »
Posted September 21, 2018

GUEST: ASTA's Meader: Virtual Card Quandary Continues To Plague Hotel Industry

The American Society of Travel Advisors SVP of industry affairs and education Mark Meader writes in on the ongoing challenges of virtual card processes in the hotel industry. Read More »
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Posted April 23, 2018

GUEST: Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics: Why U.K. Gender Pay Gap Reporting Is All Three

Festive Road managing partner Caroline Strachan submitted the following thoughts on gender pay reporting in the U.K. The Beat this month covered how several travel management companies, travel tech firms, airline operators and hoteliers performed on the U.K. government's measure. Read More »
Posted March 6, 2018

Tell The Beat What You Think By Completing A Brief Subscriber Survey

The Beat strives to deliver a high-quality experience for subscribers. By completing this five-minute survey, you can help us improve the content we deliver and the way it is delivered through our ema... Read More »
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Posted February 16, 2018

What Advice Would You Give A Corporate Travel Startup? 11 Travel Pros Weigh In

New blood, new tech and new names are now a fixture of the managed travel landscape, following an era when far fewer travel tech startups explicitly pursued a corporate audience. The Beat reached out to industry veterans with one question: What would you tell a startup coming into corporate travel technology? Read More »
Posted by: Jay Boehmer | More by Jay Boehmer
Posted November 6, 2017

LETTER: AmTrav CEO Offers A Path Forward For Airline Distribution

AmTrav CEO Jeff Klee submitted the following letter in response to an article last week in which The Beat discussed recent developments and the evolution of airline distribution with Travelport CEO Gordon Wilson. Read More »
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Posted September 14, 2017

LETTER: IATA Responds To Article On Agency Payments

The International Air Transport Association submitted a letter in response to an article last week on Resolution 890 and an upcoming airline member vote on whether to allow agents to pay using their own payment cards. Read More »
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Posted July 13, 2017

LETTERS: ATPCO, BCD Travel And Pass Consulting Write In

ATPCO product strategy manager 
David Smith and Pass Consulting Group CEO Michael Strauss separately submit letters about the complexities of airline content aggregation. BCD Travel execs share thoughts on the Sabre Synxis breach. Read More »
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Posted June 19, 2017

GUEST: Al Lenza On The Future Of Airline-GDS Distribution

The GDS model continues to be defective and inequitable from the airlines' standpoint. The primary beneficiaries continue to be the online and offline travel firms, the corporations and the GDSs. Yet, airlines absorb most of the costs of selling through GDSs. The model dates from when GDSs were the only efficient way for third parties to sell travel. Read More »
Posted by: Al Lenza | More by Al Lenza
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