Posted February 17, 2012

Traveling On Business? Peoplexpress Might Not Be For You

The Peoplexpress brand is about to rise from the grave, but for corporate travelers, the carrier still may be dead to them. Read More »
Posted by: Jay Boehmer | More by Jay Boehmer
Posted February 15, 2012

Take An Interest In Pinterest

USA Today calls social media tool, Pinterest, "the latest Web addiction for millions." Is it for your meeting attendees, too? If so, it's time you got involved. Read More »
Posted by: Kevin Iwamoto | More by Kevin Iwamoto
Posted February 15, 2012

A Travel Policy's Biggest Barrier

What is the biggest issue that stands between a policy and its successful delivery? Is it a lack of knowledge or ability in order to create one? Is it uncooperative or unable suppliers or intermediaries? Is it poor uptake or availability of appropriate technology systems? Or is it simply that end users either cannot or will not comply with edicts and have ways of getting around them? Depending on your own experiences you could say one, some or all of the above but I think you might be missing something even more important. Read More »
Posted by: Limey Mike | More by Limey Mike
Posted February 14, 2012

COMMENT: Innovation, Utility Of Runzheimer's New Benchmarking Tool TBD

Runzheimer International this week announced it is developing a benchmarking tool that allows managed business travelers to compare Runzheimer's air, ground and lodging benchmarks in 200 U.S. and 100 foreign cities with rates from their chosen booking solutions, and virtually bank any savings they obtain once the trip is expensed. Read More »
Posted by: Jay Campbell | More by Jay Campbell
Posted February 13, 2012

SmartTrip Delivers Shared Travel Savings – Bravo!

Travel managers have a powerful new tool to coax more savings from their travelers. Read More »
Posted February 9, 2012

GUEST, Cornerstone's Hosey: Buyers Needed For Data Standards

We talked with Cornerstone Information Systems vice president for strategy and product development Aaron Hosey for a recent article in Business Travel News about corporate travel data. That got him to thinking ... Read More »
Posted by: Aaron Hosey | More by Aaron Hosey
Posted February 8, 2012

Reduce Unmanaged Travel

Travel and meeting managers that use preferred suppliers become frustrated when their travelers or meeting attendees bypass the policies and use non-preferreds. Case in point, when we went through our Six Sigma measure stage at PwC (2007) to identify the rogue or maverick meeting spend that was not funneling through our meetings team, we learned that our strategic meetings management program only managed 49% of the total spend in the firm. Read More »
Posted by: Debi Scholar | More by Debi Scholar
Posted February 7, 2012

Re: WSJ On The Coming Tech-led Boom

The Wall Street Journal on Jan. 30 published a great opinion piece called "The Coming Tech-led Boom," which outlined three fundamental shifts the writers believe will transform this century like electricity, telephony and mass production did the last one. Read More »
Posted by: Tom Wilkinson | More by Tom Wilkinson
Posted February 7, 2012

Managed Travel 2.0

Managed travel is experiencing a major shift. Thanks to technological innovation and competition, leisure travel offerings are in many cases outpacing those in corporate travel, especially when it comes to price and traveler experience. As a result, business travelers are questioning the value of managed travel services, while corporate leaders are questioning the value of policy-based programs. Read More »
Posted February 2, 2012

How Vital Is A Managed Travel Program To Corporate Responsibility?

The tragedy caused by carbon monoxide that occurred this week at a Holiday Inn Express in South Charleston, West Virginia, in which one person died and eight others were sent to the hospital, reminds us again of the significance of duty of care for our corporate customers. Read More »
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