Posted October 26, 2015

COMMENT: CWT's Nicholas Vournakis On Disruption And Collaboration

The Beat's readers selected Carlson Wagonlit Travel ‎senior vice president of global marketing Nicholas Vournakis' pitch over 11 others, voting for him to deliver his keynote address on disruption and collaboration at The Beat Live conference in Arlington, Va. A condensed and edited transcript of his remarks, delivered late last month, follows. Read More »
Posted September 4, 2015

The Hotel Attachment Problem

The Beat editor-in-chief, Jay Boehmer, recently reported on Christopherson Business Travel’s new hotel compliance system, Hotel Attachment. The article and its title, “Christopherson Thinks It Has Solved The Hotel Attachment Problem,” were bold and certainly provocative. I’m not surprised that some responses were somewhere between curious and even incredulous. Read More »
Posted by: Mike Cameron | More by Mike Cameron
Posted August 25, 2015

GUEST: Marc Rosenberg On Lufthansa

Lufthansa’s launch of a new distribution model has been under attack from the start. That should not surprise any of us engaged in airline distribution. We should, however, step back from all the valid criticisms and ask ourselves: Why is it that a carrier would take such a calculated risk? And why now? Read More »
Posted July 21, 2015

Why Lufthansa Will Change Our Industry For The Better

Let’s consider the longer-term implications of Lufthansa’s unbundling the distribution value of the GDS channel. Read More »
Posted July 1, 2015

Lufthansa's Moment of Madness

Lufthansa became the latest travel supplier to launch what I believe to be a commercially catastrophic distribution strategy that tries to coerce the consumer to book direct, and highlights just how out of touch the airline is with the evolving world of distribution in a mobile-first world. Read More »
Posted by: Simon McLean | More by Simon McLean
Posted June 19, 2015

Is Lufthansa Serious Or Just Negotiating? Why A Few Direct Connect Bookings Will Save Millions

Since Lufthansa won’t have a full content deal, their fares are more than likely going to differ between direct and indirect distribution channels. It might give the LHG more freedom, but will put travel agencies at a huge disadvantage. Read More »
Posted June 17, 2015

GUEST: World Travel, Inc. Chairman Jim Wells On Lufthansa

Regarding Lufthansa’s recent announcement to charge additional fees for reservations made through the global distribution system, the corporate customer and the TMC are the two entities that will be most affected by this fee. Read More »
Posted by: The Beat | More by The Beat
Posted June 3, 2015

COMMENT: Lufthansa Provides GDSs Opening To Upend Status Quo

Travel professionals might think June 2 was a bad day for the global distribution systems. When a distribution channel suddenly becomes €16 more expensive per booking for one of the world’s largest airline groups, the fear is the rest of the travel industry will look for ways to bypass that channel. Read More »
Posted by: Amon Cohen | More by Amon Cohen
Posted May 15, 2015

An Editorial Change At The BTN Group

It's with many mixed emotions and after much careful consideration that I announce this is my last day as editor-in-chief of The BTN Group. Read More »
Posted by: Chris Davis | More by Chris Davis
Posted February 12, 2015

Why TMCs Need a Dramatically Different Sales Approach

Ever notice how travel management companies (TMCs) have a hard time selling their value? TMCs compete on the wrong metric, and they sell to the wrong people. Read More »
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