Posted August 13, 2013

GUEST: Midsize TMCs Should Embrace IT Innovation

Matt Haynes, group head of IT for Key Travel, a U.S. and European travel management company that serves the non-profit sector, discusses the need for TMC innovation. Read More »
Posted by: Matt Haynes | More by Matt Haynes
Posted July 29, 2013

Spending More Time With Family ... No, Seriously

After careful consideration, I am relinquishing my position as editorial director of The BTN Group. Former Business Travel News editor David Meyer will assume that title and executive managing editor ... Read More »
Posted by: Jay Campbell | More by Jay Campbell
Posted July 23, 2013

GBTA Proposed Changes Require Participation, Dialogue ... Even Compromise

Global Business Travel Association members this year face some game-changing decisions that could fundamentally change the make-up and structure of the association. It is up to each member to not be apathetic. Read More »
Posted by: Kevin Iwamoto | More by Kevin Iwamoto
Posted July 19, 2013


Our coverage of Concur's acquisitions announced this week elicited several responses. Read More »
Posted June 7, 2013

Hilton's Room Service Overhaul Signals Welcome Change

The New York Hilton Midtown caused quite a stir this week by announcing that it will end traditional room service in August. But despite the hand-wringing of some traditionalists, the move really is just the latest in a larger trend that's been going on in the hotel industry for years. Read More »
Posted June 3, 2013

GUEST: ETTSA Analysis On New Distribution Ambitions

European Technology & Travel Services Association secretary general Christoph H.L. Klenner penned this guest column following recent discourse about the International Air Transport Association's N... Read More »
Posted April 29, 2013

Same Airlines, Changing Business Models

If you hang around this industry long enough, you see changes come and go and come again. It is just one of those things you start to figure out as you listen to clients and experts. The latest one I ... Read More »
Posted by: Brad Seitz | More by Brad Seitz
Posted April 16, 2013

BTN Welcomes JoAnn DeLuna To Cover Payment And Expense

I'd like to share some personnel news for The BTN Group. In March, JoAnn DeLuna joined us as an associate editor covering payment and expense. On that beat, JoAnn will attempt to fill the big shoes of BTN veteran Mary Ann McNulty, who was appointed to run The BTN Group's content solutions division. Read More »
Posted by: Jay Campbell | More by Jay Campbell
Posted April 5, 2013

Airlines And GDSs Going To Court Only Created Smoke, Mirrors

It's been five months since American Airlines and Sabre reached an agreement. Last month the carrier reached another deal with Travelport, in which the distributor will link to its Direct Connect. It seems that that the travel-booking battle is getting somewhere. But the question is, what did we get? Read More »
Posted April 4, 2013

The Five Stages Of Accepting Innovation

Just like when we were 8 and our goldfish died, most of us will, at some point, go through the 5 Stages of Grief. It’s a tough process, but once we manage our way through it, we end up being at peace ... Read More »
Posted by: Jim Davidson | More by Jim Davidson
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