Posted October 16, 2013

The Business Reality of Open Booking

Travel industry veteran David Wardell adds his voice to the ongoing dialogue on open booking. Read More »
Posted by: David Wardell | More by David Wardell
Posted October 11, 2013


The Beat received several comments from readers regarding technologies provided to travel management companies from Yapta and ExpertFlyer. Read More »
Posted October 7, 2013

A Framework for Evaluating "Open Booking"

TripScanner founder and CEO Ethan Laub offers a "simple" framework for evaluating open booking opportunities. Read More »
Posted by: Ethan Laub | More by Ethan Laub
Posted October 3, 2013

Are Commission Payments On Ancillary Services A Key Differentiator?

Some may say airlines are moving away from the idea of supporting ancillary service sales with financial incentives. After working on our latest ancillary service solution in partnership with Corsair, we're not so sure. Read More »
Posted by: Frederic Hoff | More by Frederic Hoff
Posted September 17, 2013

GUEST: AmTrav's Craig Fichtelberg On Open Booking

Craig Fichtelberg, co-founder and president of Chicago-area AmTrav, weighs in on the current and future state of travel management companies and asks: Is open booking a panacea or a Band-Aid? Read More »
Posted August 30, 2013

THE BEAT SHEET: Expedialocity; AA's Garner on Sabre; Sen. Boxer On NDC

The debut edition of The Beat Sheet, an occasional collection of notes, quotes, musings, tips, reader comments and other tidbits from The Beat's writers. Read More »
Posted by: Jay Boehmer | More by Jay Boehmer
Posted August 13, 2013

GUEST: Midsize TMCs Should Embrace IT Innovation

Matt Haynes, group head of IT for Key Travel, a U.S. and European travel management company that serves the non-profit sector, discusses the need for TMC innovation. Read More »
Posted by: Matt Haynes | More by Matt Haynes
Posted July 29, 2013

Spending More Time With Family ... No, Seriously

After careful consideration, I am relinquishing my position as editorial director of The BTN Group. Former Business Travel News editor David Meyer will assume that title and executive managing editor ... Read More »
Posted by: Jay Campbell | More by Jay Campbell
Posted July 23, 2013

GBTA Proposed Changes Require Participation, Dialogue ... Even Compromise

Global Business Travel Association members this year face some game-changing decisions that could fundamentally change the make-up and structure of the association. It is up to each member to not be apathetic. Read More »
Posted by: Kevin Iwamoto | More by Kevin Iwamoto
Posted July 19, 2013


Our coverage of Concur's acquisitions announced this week elicited several responses. Read More »
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