Posted November 7, 2012

Egencia At Age 10 Claims 10,000 Clients

Egencia celebrated its 10th birthday today in part by announcing a few previously unreleased tidbits about the Expedia-owned corporate travel company, including claims that more than 2,200 employees g... Read More »
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Posted October 25, 2012

Distribute This

There continues to be a battle over where you purchase airline tickets. This battle has been going on for years, but now has taken a new turn. Last week the International Air Transport Association announced a "New Distribution Capability." NDC is to be an airline sponsored system that IATA and the airlines hope will make booking through a global distribution system obsolete. Read More »
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Posted October 8, 2012

GUEST: McKinsey & Co. Associate Principal Robert Carey

McKinsey & Co. associate principal Robert Carey last month summarized for attendees to The Beat Live a handful of action items that he believes can move the industry forward. Read More »
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Posted October 5, 2012


Two letters follow. In the first, Chicke Fitzgerald responds to a Monday report about a McKinsey consultant's take on direct distribution. The second is in Rolfe Shellenberger's response to a Tuesday ... Read More »
Posted August 23, 2012

GUEST: Consultant Tom Ruesink On 'Rational Partner Airfares'

Tom Ruesink, president of Ruesink Consulting Group, recently penned a white paper on what he describes as "rational partner airfares." He urges travel buyers and suppliers to reconsider the utility of and logic behind lowest logical airfares and instead explore approaches that truly deliver value for both sides. Published courtesy of Cornerstone Information Systems, Ruesink's white paper is excerpted here. Read More »
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Posted August 10, 2012

Circle The Wagons

I always love going to the GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) conference. This year it was held in beautiful Boston. What I really enjoy about GBTA is how low key it has become, including a line up of lesser known guest speakers (one named Bush and the other named Clinton), a smattering of attendees (including the top brass from every TMC you could name), airline execs from around the world, heavy hitters from technology, hotel, and car rental companies, some network news faces, and, of course, the stars of the show—corporate travel managers from some of the largest most innovative companies in the world. All gather to address one thing–The Management of Corporate Travel. Read More »
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Posted July 12, 2012

GUEST: Travel Manager Jennifer Steinke

US Foods corporate travel, meetings and expense director Jennifer Steinke helped GDSX shape the recently announced TripLink product and is planning to implement it in August. She comments here on the ... Read More »
Posted June 28, 2012


The Beat appreciates the following letters from our readers. To send us comments on coverage, please email or use the commenting system that appears below articles on our websites. Read More »
Posted June 14, 2012

GBTA's Problematic IP Policy

GBTA has implemented a strong—and fundamentally wrong—intellectual property (IP) policy. I'm raising the issue here to ask your help in getting GBTA back on track. I've run out of patience trying to do this on my own. Read More »
Posted June 7, 2012

Surprising Trends In Online, Leisure And Corporate Travel

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending an Amadeus event held in Europe with senior executives in travel across both agencies and suppliers. The general topic discussed was how the changes in travel distribution are impacting both consumers and corporations. Read More »
Posted by: Steve Reynolds | More by Steve Reynolds
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