Posted September 20, 2010

An Ode To The Beat Live

It’s time for the 2010 live edition of The Beat,

and in case you didn’t notice the speaker roster is quite a treat...

From Hogg comes a man that they call Radcliffe,

during a cozy fireside chat about travel he will riff,

The GDS guys will all be there…..Parks, Ekert, Ingram, and Stow,

their ancillary fee proclamations will likely strike a blow,

especially to the airline guys – I’m talking Blaise-Shamai, and that guy Hilfman who wears a fro,

Banter from Hegeman is always full of fire,

and the keynote from ACTE’s DiLeo will surely inspire,

Flightcasting by Konwiser, consulting by Strauss,

might they say something that will cause others to grouse,

Vukelich is an expert on payment you see,

and between insights, a joke or two from Rearden Commerce’s Tony D,

Heuchling, Boult and Fitzgerald; the hospitality sector will represent,

We might hear about the growing rev par that has hotel stocks on the ascent,

There will be plenty of former big shots like Rosenberg, Runyan and Young,

none of whom are known to hold their tongue,

On the corporate side, that guy Kurn will be hot,

and we’ll get schooled on finance from the man they call Botts,

Winterton and Degnan Manning are from TMCs that battle,

maybe this year they will each share a tales or perhaps a tattle,

Twice before the Promedia guys have thrown this soiree,

Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Lauren, Paul, David, Louis, Tim and The Beat impresario Jay,

For Carrying On, the event provides a ton of fodder

And it’s sure to entertain much like Harry Potter.

We’ll all be there to learn, eat, talk and listen,

this week in Chicago, it’s The Beat Live, that you should not be missing!


In case you didn’t get any of the obscure references, below is a complete lineup of speakers.


Tony D'Astolfo is vice president of worldwide sales for Rearden Commerce. These comments are republished with permission from his Carrying On blog

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