Travel automation provider GDSX last month unveiled TripLink, a new offering "designed to protect and strengthen the managed travel model we have today" by capturing data on purchases made outside traditional corporate travel channels and including records in existing travel agency workflows and reporting. While not new, the problem of off-channel bookings is set to grow as "hundreds of millions of tech-savvy Gen-Y adults enter the global workforce," according to the company and its supporters. US Foods corporate travel, meetings and expense director Jennifer Steinke, The Travel Team president and CEO Jean Covelli, Canadian travel management company Uniglobe Beacon and consultant Chicke Fitzgerald helped GDSX with the development and announcement of the new solution. The following is an excerpt of a June 25 discussion between The Beat founder Jay Campbell and Cindy Allen, CEO and COO of GDSX, a 10-year-old firm based in Allen, Texas.

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