Following US Airways Merger, AA Sticks With Sabre For Integrated Res System

Following its merger with US Airways, American Airlines on Monday announced its selection of Sabre to provide a reservations system for the combined carrier, as expected. Sabre already furnishes AA's res system, and AA CEO Doug Parker last year__then as US Airways' CEO__telegraphed the intention to stick with the system used by the larger airline. AA indicated that system integration would take "up to two years."

"The migration to one reservation platform in partnership with Sabre is a critical milestone in the merger integration process," according to a statement from AA CIO Maya Leibman.

According to a statement attributed to AA senior vice president of customer experience Kerry Philipovitch, a single passenger services system will "ultimately pave the way for new innovations in how we deliver customer service in the years to come."

A statement from Sabre Airline Solutions president Hugh Jones added that Sabre is "working on the migration plan to ensure the new airline reservations system delivers a truly personalized travel experience across the entire journey."