American Airlines' Cory Garner Will Stay With The Carrier After All

When American Airlines VP of sales and distribution strategy Cory Garner in July revealed plans to retire from the airline at the end of the year, he noted: "I'm sure you haven't heard the last from me." Indeed, we haven't. Garner has reversed his decision to take a voluntary package from the airline. Instead, he has chosen to remain in his current role.

"I'm very thankful to have had this soul-searching process, and I feel more affirmed on the direction that I was on," he said during a brief phone interview Monday. "There is no change whatsoever. My heart is here with American, and the company decided to take me back. So, we continue on as we were."

Garner will continue to focus on distribution and sales strategy, where he rolls up to American Airlines SVP of global sales Alison Taylor.

"Last year, my remit grew to go beyond just distribution strategy to also include the other elements of our sales strategy: our strategies for growing corporate business and our strategies for growing business through travel agency channels," said Garner.

He said news of his planned retirement from American led him to explore potential opportunities outside of the airline. "I've used these couple months to learn a lot about this industry and also a lot about myself. I was taken aback at the warm industry reception, and I'm very thankful to all those out there who were willing to engage with me on my job search," he said.